A Man Excavated His Backyard And Couldn’t Believe What He Found

Buying a new home is always an exciting thing. You imagine the pieces of furniture, design, and layout to give it a personal touch and homey feel. Nothing beats the feeling of having your space.

Just like Jon Simms from Arizona, who was enjoying his new home. He wasn’t expecting much but who would’ve thought that he would be getting more than he bargained for.

After hearing secrets of things being buried in the backyard, he decided to do a little digging of his own. He decided to test out the rumors of finding hidden treasures in the backyard. You’ll never know, right?

So he got his tools and went to work. He wasn’t expecting so much, but he got shocked when he found something unexpected. Let’s find out what was beneath Jon Simms Arizona backyard.

10. Trap Door Discovery

In 2015, Jon Simms, a fire department rescue technician from Tucson, Arizona was looking for a new home. When his friend put his house up for sale, it seemed like a perfect idea. Little did he know he was about to discover something extraordinary in his new home.

He started digging his backyard after he was tipped off by the previous owners and discovered something totally extraordinary underneath the backyard. So he got busy and started to excavate his now backyard. He wasn’t disappointed as just a few inches underneath; he discovered a trap door. Just by seeing that trap door made him feel triumphant. Now, the next step is to discover what’s inside it.

9. Mysterious Hatch

When Jon Simm’s decided to finally buy his friend’s house, he got an unusual sales pitch from him. His friend said that there was a mysterious hatch rumored to be buried somewhere in the backyard.

Back in the 1960s, during the Cold War, 18 nuclear warheads had been placed around Tucson, Arizona in the desert ready to be used at any moment’s notice. This knowledge led Jon’s friend to speculate that maybe the hatch might lead to some kind of secret fallout shelter beneath the property. Could he be right?

8. Eager Beaver

After hearing his friend’s story, the mystery was too difficult to resist for Jon. He said, “The first thing I did was ask if he had a shovel. I’ll dig it up right now,” he confessed to Arizona Daily Star.

In the summer of 2015, Jon Simms finally decided to buy the house from his friend. And quickly after moving in and getting settled, he got so curious about the hatch that he immediately did his own investigations.

7. Research and Investigation

Jon Simms went to the local record office and got a permit for construction on the property that contained a rough sketch of the underground structure in his new backyard. After seeing the blueprint, he got encouraged and all the more excited to dig.

At first, Jon’s efforts was in vain as he found nothing much valuable or interesting. His digging revealed nothing, and because of that, he feared that the hatch and whatever was underneath were gone for good. He even doubted if it ever existed at all. But he didn’t stop yet.

6. Help From The Experts

Jon didn’t lose hope and instead decided to hire help from the specialists, who used metal detectors to inspect his yard and find the best area where he should dig. The first suggestion came out nothing, but when they tried the second time, all their efforts was worth it.

After digging three feet mound of dirt, Jon Simms discovered a metal hatch exactly like his friend had told him about. Anxious to find out what was inside, he opened the covering. Although, he knew he had to wait before he could thoroughly explore the place.

5. Properly Equipped

As he was a specialist in confined spaces rescue for the fire department, he knew exactly how dangerous it could be to explore the hatch alone. Especially without any proper preparation, so he invited some of his co-workers with the right equipment to test if the air was safe to breathe.

Jon was also aware that he needed to have other people for his safety. He said, “I know too much about confined space ad I was alone a home. Especially if the lid fell back in, there was no way I could lift it from underneath.”

4. Ready To Explore

Finally, when everything was all set, he went down to explore the hatch. Hidden beneath his backyard, he discovered a fallout shelter that his friend had suspected existed there all along. And, on the plus side, it was in good condition.

Despite being filled with rubble and trash, the shelter was in perfect condition. It had a spiral staircase that winded down 10 feet below the ground, and it leads into a tall domed structure with a diameter of around 12 feet.

3. A Safe Hiding Place

The shelter would have been used to provide a safe hiding place for the residents of the property in the event of a nuclear blast. An air filtration system was also built to pump safe air from the surface to the people seeking refuge below.

Since the shelter was in good condition, it seemed that it was never used. Jon Simms estimated that it was occupied at some time between the late 1960s and the mid-1970s. It was a period of easing political tensions when the U.S. maintained arms limitation treaties with the Soviet Union.

2. Restoration

Currently, Jon Simms is hard work restoring the shelter to its former glory. He used buckets to clean all of the rubble from the shelter by hand.

Aside from restoring the shelter to its former glory, he also started to make it more accessible. He got the help of friends from construction to pour concrete over the frame to make newly improved and more sturdy entrance.

1. Plans For The Future

For his plans ahead, Jon plans to rebuild the spiral staircase leading down the shelter. He is also looking for some period props to complete the shelter’s new look. After the restoration, he’s considering options for the space once it’s fully done.

On Reddit, Jon Simms’ story got over hundreds of thousands of views and the people were quick to give their own suggestions. Mot people thought that the shelter would make a great man cave complete with a home theater system. Others suggested that its year-round cool temperature would make an excellent wine cellar. Whatever Jon decides, he definitely got more than he bargained for.

What a cool discovery! Who wouldn’t want to find a hidden shelter underneath their backyard? The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming the place.

Thanks to Jon’s perseverance he didn’t give up the first time he wasn’t able to find something. Now he has his hands full in turning this shelter around.


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