How To Make Love To A Woman With A ...

How To Make Love To A Woman With A Big Booty

Women with big, beautiful booties are one of the great wonders of the world. Not only do they look fabulous, but a 2008 study exposed the fact that girls with great butts are, on average, smarter than their smaller-bottomed sisters.

If you are lucky enough to snag one of these super-endowed goddesses, you’ll want to make sure you treat her right. So to ensure you keep your big bootied babe satisfied and therefore, by your side, here are some fabulous tips for breathtaking sex that will give both of you pleasure.

Feast your eyes, learn a thing or two, and thank us when you’ve finished.

10. Saucy Stamina

Some bountiful booties are the result of many hours of hard work at the gym, so have your lady test out her stamina with you. Grab a copy of good sex guide and work your way through all of the positions.

Make sure you save energy for what’s coming up on slide three.


9. The View From Back Here Is Peachy

Without a doubt, if you are a fan of the curvaceous ass, you will want to make love in a position that gives you the best view and that, in most cases, is from behind.

That doesn’t mean you are restricted, though. As you are about to see in upcoming slides, doggie style is just the beginning.


8. Wet Your Ass Appetite

A hot soapy shower can be the passionate start to your love making session. Grab your woman by the hand and lead her into the bathroom and take your time to lather her up then wash her down.

Running your fingers across that sudsy butt will get you both ready to roll.

7. Hi, My Name’s Ben Dover

There is nothing like making love to your saucy temptress while she is face down on the bed with that beautiful booty pushed high and proud into the air.

Not only do you get an eyeful, but you also get to use your hands to spank that butt should you both want that.

This slide isn’t the last appearance of the doggy style either, stay tuned for more.

6. Bench Press This

As an alternative to the all fours doggie style, you could also experiment with furniture to give you both something firmer to hang onto, should you be an active thruster. A bench is perfect, but the sofa will do.

Having something to hold onto has the added advantage of making it easier for your lover to push back against you.

5. Some People Get Really Anal About Things

Depending on how much you worship a rounded rear end, and how the woman with the extraordinary asset feels, you may both like not just to slap that booty, but pound it, too.

Many lovers of great asses enjoy anal as the best way to experience every inch of a fantastic butt.

If you prefer your woman to do the hard work, check out the next slide.

4. More Cushion For The Pushin’

If you want to get yourself buried as deep as possible between those cheeks, you will want to get a support belt made for the bigger lady. These devices enable you to pull her up as you thrust in giving you both the chance to make the best of every last inch.

Don’t miss out on the important hint on the next slide.

3. Ride ‘Em Cowboy

Another tremendous position to try is the reverse cowgirl. You get to lay back on the bed, or the floor and have your sexy siren sit astride you while she faces your feet.

Your woman does all the hard work and controls the speed of things; you just have to enjoy yourself.

2. Wine Dine 69 Me

It isn’t all about the D. You can both enjoy a good tongue lashing, and if you want twice the sensation, flip yourself onto your back and she can take a ride on your face.

You get the bonus of being able to run your hands across her butt while she runs her tongue up and down, well you can work out where her mouth will be.

1. You Can Be The Booty Whisperer

One thing we nearly forgot. It is not just the physical action you need to get right when you want to make love to a big ass sexpot.

You need to whisper words of love and lust if you want to walk into a room and have her look at you over her shoulder like this.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the instructions, and now it is time to put them into action. Maybe you can share the slides with your seductress and decide together what you might try first. Stock up on comfortable pillows, sturdy furniture, soapy shower gel and lots and lots of energy drinks – you’re going to need them.

Just remember, when word gets out that you have mastered the hints and tips in these slides, women with booty will be beating a path to your door demanding your show them your skills. You might even be putting together the next set of slides.


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