Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special With 20 Proposal Ideas


Love is a beautiful thing and the feeling is so magical to experience. It is one of the rarest feelings on earth in which you feel infinite joy and affection. Being with your girlfriend, being selfless to her, showering love, affection and return getting showered the same way is what makes love so special. I bet all of you would agree to that you need tips for making a proposal ideas . But being in a relationship with a girl is just the halfway mark in the delightful journey that we call Love. The finish line in this journey is Marriage. Marriage maximizes the love you have between the two of you.

But one cannot just get married right away, and needs some proposal ideas.You have to propose to your girlfriend first, right? Believe it or not but this is hardest part there is. It’s the most treacherous stepping stone. It’s not like she may refuse or anything but the problem here is quite complex. The thing is that girls dream all their lives about the day when a someone special would ask them to marry them. They fantasize about it being a very special occasion. They want something magical to happen in that moment, something that’ll sweep them of the floor, something they wouldn’t even imagine or dream of, something they can’t say ‘No’ to, and something that they’ll remember all their lives.

As special as it is for girls, the opposite is true for the men. Proposing to your girlfriend can be a nightmare and the most creatively demanding task a man could ever face. There is a lot of pressure to go through. Men have to put in so much effort and thought to make proposal ideas special for their girlfriends. The motive behind all these proposal ideas efforts by men is a little bit similar to the girl’s. Men too want to do something that will catch their girlfriends off-guard, something that will sweep them of the floor, and something that the girls cannot say ‘No’ to.

So to help you get out of this tough situation we have complied a few impressive ideas regarding how to propose to your girlfriend. These proposal ideas will surely startle your girlfriend and leave you with tale which you can proudly brag about. But remember to add your own personal twist to these proposal ideas:

1- Public Place of Her Choice
Choose a Public Place

One of the effective proposal ideas is taking your girlfriend to some place public. This public place should someplace which has some importance for her or for the both of you. It could be anyplace, but it should be meaningful and should be one of her favorite. Then after you have got there, ask any person there to photograph and when you re about to pose, kneel down with the ring.

2- Get it Advertised
Putting It Through an Advert

Another one of the crazy proposal ideas can be to get the proposal printed as a giant ad in the newspaper. This can be a full page ad whose layout you can decide yourself. Be sure to make the layout interesting. Now you can slip in the newspaper to her and make an excuse that she read it for you.

3- Have the Band to Play for Her
Let the Band Play Her Favorite Tunes

If your girlfriend likes music very much then can incorporate band with the idea above. Hire a local band or a choir and have them play your special love song while you are kneeling in front of her. You could also get them to play a sing whose theme is marriage proposal.

4- A Video Would Do
Adding Your Own Videos

Do it in a movie theater. You must be thinking of it as one of a boring proposal ideas but you can make it interesting. Record a small video showing your extraordinary love story and ask your local movie theater to play it before the trailers. Now take your girlfriend early to the theater and let the events reveal themselves.

5- Record the Proposal
Keeping a Reminder

Another interesting idea regarding how to propose to your girlfriend can be to record your memories. You can record a few romantic memories stretching a few months a back and compile them in a video altogether and the end of it propose her.

6- Choose a Romantic Spot
Environment Has the Impact

Plan a trip to somewhere, someplace romantic. Now after you have boarded on the plane and flying high, grab the microphone to the flight announcement system and pour your heart out. Congrats, now you are part of the mile high club.

7- Gather the Family
Let the Family Support You

Want to make the proposal ideas large? Throw a party. Have your friends or family wear shirts with letters that make up ‘Will you Marry Me?’. Or you can have them hold helium balloons with the same purpose.

8- Set Up the Room
Setting Up the Room

Another proposal that you can do at home, is setting up a room. When your girlfriend is away for a day for two, set up a room in your house with pictures of you and your girlfriend. This pictures can be of the memories hat you mutually share. Set it up In a graffiti style. When your girlfriend will come back she will be thrilled to see it.

9- Let a Custom Cake Say That
Getting The Cake Help

Ask a restaurant chef to make you one of those custom cakes themed for the ‘Will you marry me?’ moment. Also you can have the ring to be featured as the crown of the cake. Take your girlfriend to that restaurant for a romantic dinner and she will be blown away by what lies in the dessert.

10- In Her Office May Be
In Her Own Office

You can startle you girlfriend with this proposal ideas. Sneak into your girlfriend’s office or workplace well before she arrives there. Then chalk on the proposal in any form you like and hide somewhere in her office. When she arrives there and is surprised, come out of the hiding with the ring in your hand.

11- Set Up a Photo Shoot
The Winning Photo Shoot

Another wild idea regarding how to propose to your girlfriend is setting up a photo shoot. Tell your girlfriend that you want to have a couple photo shoot and while in the middle of it all, propose to hear. After that the photo shoot becomes an engagement photo shoot.

12- Hide in a Gift Box
Surprise Gift

Get a large box, one that you can fit inside while standing. Wrap it up in a romantic manner and add a note outside saying ‘This will last a lifetime’. After that get yourself in the box and have it delivered at your girlfriend’s doorstep. Surprise!

13- Choose a Winter Day
Winter Has the Feelings

So if its fall or winter and you have decided to propose then you can rake the leaves and other stuff in your backyard and spell out those 4 magical words. Effective yet simple proposal ideas

14- Under a Kite Too
A Kite Will Say That

Take your girlfriend to kite flying. She will be surprised to read the proposal on the underside of the kite flying high on the horizon.

15- At a Picnic Spot
At the Picnic Sopt

Have a friend of your setup a picnic in a park with wine, cake etc. then take your girlfriend for a walk in the park and then ‘accidently’ stumble on the picnic spot.

16- Let Close Friends Hide
Help by Family & Friends

Another variation of the above proposal ideas can be to have close friends and family members hidden in the surrounding and when she says ‘Yes’ have them come out for the impromptu celebration.

17- Buy Her a Pet, One of Many Proposal Ideas
Buy Her a Pet With a Ring

Get your girlfriend a pet that she always wanted. It doesn’t end here. Now put a ring in the color of the pet that you have got her and also a note saying ‘will you marry me’. She will surely be amazed at this surprise.

18- Have a Ring Chosen
Choose the Ring

Now this proposal ideas may not appeal to all. what you have to do is pull a fake out. Ask your girlfriend what is her ring size or bring ring sample to her. She will surely be mad that what type of proposal is this and when she confronts you, pull out the actual ring and propose.

19- Let Her Read Your Diary
Make Notes That Time is Arriving

Another simple proposal ideas is that you should write a short journal or a diary sort of, in which you should write all the beautiful memories you have shared and the things you love about your girlfriend and at the end of it propose. Now slip the diary or the journal to her and let her be amazed.

20- On a Valentine’s Day
The perfect valentine day

Now it’s always romantic to propose on Valentine’s Day. You prepare a special valentine gift and propose to her at the day. Although there is a very strong chance that girls usually are expecting a proposal on the Valentine’s Day.

These are only a few of the proposal ideas for relationship. The possibilities are infinite. There is so much you can do that you will get confused if anything at all. The key to finding the solution to this problem and coming up with the best proposal is applying some filters that will help you arrive to your decision. You have to ask yourself a couple of question before you pick a proposal ideas for how to propose to your girlfriend. The foremost question to ask is that what type of proposal ideas go with your girlfriend’s nature. Does she like things big or does she like things to be simple and appealing. Now doing this is very important because you don’t want to do anything opposite to her nature. It can make or break your moment. The other thing to ask is that whatever that is you are planning, is it manageable. You don’t want to do something which was complex and at the moment it didn’t come out the way as you wanted. The last thing to ask yourself is that does it come in your budget. Now you cant get involved in a proposal idea which totally out of your budget range and also you done want to do something which is totally cheap. These are the things that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning the proposal. But remember no matter what approach you adopt, the only thing that matters is that she loves and she will surely say ‘Yes’.

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