What These Lottery Winners Spent Their Money On Will Stun You

We all dream about winning the lottery. Even though the chances of winning are less than being eaten by a shark or struck by lightning (or something else just as crazy), we all still run to the convenience store to get a ticket at the last minute. We dream about what we’d spend the money on and practice the epic “I quit” speech for our bosses.

But there’s a dark side to lottery winning, as these folks show.

Here’s a list of all the insane stories of people winning the lottery and ruining their lives. From spending the winnings completely on drugs to being hunted down by hit men to investing in a secret life, you won’t believe the things money does to people. Some of these stories don’t even sound like real life, they are so incredible. Just wait until you get to number 12!


14. Tonda Lynn Dickerson

001-14-tonda-lynn-dickerson-820413First lesson: always pay your taxes. For Tonda Lynn Dickerson, this lesson hit home. She got lucky and won $10 million while working at a waffle house. After being sued by several co-workers and a waffle house regular for not sharing the winnings, she ended up losing everything she won anyway because she “forgot” to pay the taxes. While this certainly isn’t a happy ending, we’re just easing you in. Keep reading to hear the really unbelievable stuff!


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