A Look At “Billionaire Bunkers,” Where The One Percent Can Escape Any Disaster

There are so many privileges that are extended to billionaires that it’s almost impossible to list them. Not only do they get the best seats at any restaurant and private jets to any vacation destination, but they’re also going to get priority when it comes to surviving any kind of war, natural disaster or apocalypse.

The old style nuclear bunker is something that we all saw at school and hoped fervently we’d never have to use. Now things are very different and these billionaire’s bunkers are places you might be happy to live even without a catastrophe taking place. Take a look, especially #1 where we reveal how much these luxury bunkers cost.

10. The End Of Days?

People have been predicting the end of the world for nearly as long as man has been on the planet. Yet, somehow we’ve managed to survive so far. Yet, there are many who believe we’re closer to doomsday than we have ever been. Let’s take a look at some of their reasons.

9. A Smorgasbord Of Natural Disasters

There are so many ways that the planet could rise up to end humanity. The supervolcanoes under the sea and Yellowstone park are a possibility, as is the effect of climate change on the melting polar ice caps. If these events take place, the super rich figure they’ll need to go into hiding.

8. War Too

It’s also worth noting that nuclear war, which bunkers were originally designed to protect against, is also back on the table. With North Korea and Russia both making strong political plays in the larger world, is it just a matter of time before the elite cower inside their luxury bunkers?

7. Not Your Average Bunker

As you might have guessed, the billionaires of today aren’t expecting to give up any of their creature comforts just because the world is ending. They’re expecting to hole up in bunkers that remind everyone else of luxury homes even if they are “slumming it” for the rich.

Let’s take a look at who is responsible for building these bunkers on the next slide.

6. Made By Vivos

The company responsible for taking care of the fleeing wealthy minority in their hour of need is Vivos. They are “the world leader in bunker construction” according to their website. They are also the premier supplier of bunkers to billionaires on earth. As you can see, they’re not holding back on the luxuries.

Where are most of these bunkers located?

5. South Dakota Is Where It’s At

The ideal bunker doesn’t get hit by nuclear missiles or the brunt of the catastrophe taking place. It just ensures that the billionaire has a place to hide while the effects die down. That makes isolated South Dakota the perfect place to build Vivos bunkers in. There’s nothing there to target.

4. A Whole Community

The billionaires won’t be lonely when judgment day comes. The South Dakota site isn’t an occasional isolated bunker or two, there are dozens of them forming a community for the wealthy who find themselves temporarily without a habitable planet to live on. This also makes it easier to secure the bunkers when they are all kept together.

But just how big are they?

3. Plenty Of Room

Each billionaire will be assured that they won’t be lonely. In fact, they’ll have room for 20 guests in their underground hideouts. If they intend to repopulate the earth, they might find that’s not really enough people to do so. But they’ll have fun trying, probably.

2. This Comes At A Price

As you might expect, if you want to live in a billionaire’s bunker, you’re not going to find that you can afford one with pocket change. This kind of luxury requires a specific one-off payment to cover the costs of construction and decoration as well as regular fees to keep things ticking over.

1. A Cost Breakdown

The land that’s leased in South Dakota isn’t cheap. It costs $25,000 a year for 99 years. Then there’s an additional $1,000 a year maintenance fee. The utilities and furnishings are a mere $200,000 and the cost of a bunker depends on how much customization is required, but it’s in the millions of dollars.


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