A-List Celebs Hiding A Dark Past Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been a problem for generations. Many women that have faced the issue never expected their spouse or partner would ever become abusive. For most of these women, when they met their abusive partner, they simply hoped to settle down and live a white picket fence type of life. However, what they wound up facing both shocked and disheartened them. The problem of domestic violence is not limited by money or fame, and many celebrities who people thought could do no wrong have actually been a party to domestic violence.

Throughout the years, many news stories have covered celebrities that have had domestic violence charges filed against them. We’re looking at the top 10, starting with …

10. Ike Turner
Back in 1974, while performing in a singing duet with his wife Tina Turner, the two got into an argument in Dallas. An altercation started in their limousine, and Ike hit Tina’s head. Both left the car with obvious injuries and Ike, who was extremely popular at the time, wound up in the media for domestic violence.
9. Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown’s relationship with wife Whitney Houston was a rocky one. While many loved Whitney Houston, during their marriage many came to hate Brown because of his domestic violence against her, and also because many believed he introduced her to drugs. In 2003, Bobby Brown received a battery charge after getting into an argument with Whitney Houston.
8. Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin is an actor known for many wonderful roles—No Country for Old Men, Gangster Squad, and The Goonies to name a few. However, it’s not just his acting talent that attracts media attention. When he was married to Diane Lane, she called the cops on him during an argument, and Brolin left with a domestic violence charge. While the couple’s spokesperson tried to cover up the incident by saying it was a misunderstanding, many people viewed Brolin differently after this.
7. Tommy Lee Bass

Tommy Lee is best known for his stint as Motley Crue’s drummer, but he has been in the media for other reasons. Married three times, first to Elaine Starchuck, next to Heather Locklear, and last to Pamela Anderson, his final marriage landed him in the news for domestic violence. The night Tommy Lee was arrested, he actually kicked wife Pamela Anderson while she held their son, Dylan.

6. Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson’s acting skills are world-renowned, and he has also achieved much fame and fortune with his directing skills. However, as talented and well-known as Mel Gibson is, he has displayed his own set of demons throughout his life. Both his stepmother and ex-girlfriend have accused him of domestic violence.
5. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has certainly had his share of problems lately, and his record of domestic violence is a long one. In his relationships, abuse has dominated many of the stories we have heard about him. Several actresses he has either dated or married, including Kelly Preston, Britany Ashland, and Brooke Mueller, have been at the center of rumors of domestic violence during their time with Sheen.


4. Sean Penn

Known for decades for his fantastic acting skills, Sean Penn has had a bit of a history with domestic violence. Back in the 1980s, he was briefly married to Madonna, and during that marriage, he was arrested for domestic violence. While Penn has since had a wonderful career and been a force in social activism, this arrest still haunts his image.

3. Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman’s story is certainly a sad one. However, what some people are not aware of is that both he and his wife had filed domestic violence claims against each other, as well as fighting for child custody. Still, his death and his wife’s suicide demonstrate a penalty that was extremely harsh for a marriage full of discord and unhappiness.

2. Nicolas Cage

While Nicolas Cage is known for his wonderful acting skills and amazing movies, he also has a history of domestic violence to grapple with. Off screen, he has been accused by his wife of abuse that, according to her, also involved their children. The argument mentioned here happened in 2011.

1. Mickey Rourke
Back in 1994, Mickey Rourke was arrested for spousal abuse. During a violent argument, he kicked and slapped his wife, Carrie Otis. The two have since been separated but never divorced, and Mickey still hopes Carrie will come back to him, although he states he would never “compromise” with her.

While it can be difficult for some to believe that some of their favorite celebrities have been arrested or accused of domestic violence, nobody is perfect. Fame and fortune does not shelter a person from being fallible and committing mistakes, and the men listed here are no exception to this. Whether or not we should make an example of celebrities committing this crime remains to be seen, but what’s certain is that neither money or fame can promise the best type of life for their domestically abused spouses and girlfriends. What can be gauged from this list is the fact that domestic violence is a serious problem the world over, and nobody is safe from it.


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