Lies You Tell Your Doctor That Coul...

Lies You Tell Your Doctor That Could End Up Killing You

Everything about going to the doctor can be somewhat nerve-wracking. What if they find something serious? Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. The easiest thing to do is lie to your doctor. We know you have done it. Everybody has. If the doctor doesn’t know about your bad daily health habits then they won’t yell at you, right?

Lying to your doctor should be the last thing you do. Your doctor might tell you to change some habits that you have grown accustomed to but they are here to help you. Here are some situations that will help your doctor to improve your health.

10. Your Daily Health Habits

Many of us know deep down inside we should be taking better care of our bodies. Whether it comes to eating healthier, exercising more, or quitting harmful habits, always be honest with your doctor. The misinformation can lead to a misdiagnosis which may result in the wrong medication or therapy.

9. All Medications You Are Taking

Doctors need to be able to gain an informative understanding about how your body chemistry is working. A major factor in their treatment revolves around the medication you are taking. Telling your doctor about certain pharmaceuticals may seem too personal but mixing the wrong medications can lead to serious health issues.

8. Your Mental State And Health

You may be taking medications your doctor doesn’t know about because you are seeing someone else due to your mental health. You should also share this information with your doctor because some prescriptions they want to recommend might lead to depression or something to exacerbate your current condition. You might be a little embarrassed to talk about #7 too, but it is just as important.

7. Your Sexual Activity

Your sex life is your own personal business whether you’re getting too much of it or not enough. Disclosing correct information about your sex life can assist your doctor in treating any possible sexually transmitted diseases. Sharing what kind of birth control or protection will also help your doctor make the best assessment.

6. Your Fecal Schedule Matters

You should not only share information about what you are putting into your body but also what is coming out. Your poop schedule will let your doctor know if there are any internal irregularities with your colon, intestines, and stomach. Even if you start to get the giggles, disclose everything from color, texture, and shape.

5. Your Alcohol Habits

Alcohol might be a social part of your life but you should also share what you have been drinking. According to Dr. Brian Doyle of the UCLA School of Medicine, only one in six patients shared the amount of alcohol they consume during a regular checkup. This also goes for the recreational drugs you experiment with as you’ll see in #4.

4. Your Drug Use

Even if you’ve only tripped on mushrooms or LSD once or happen to be a regular meth user, share this information with your doctor. Because of doctor-patient confidentiality, they will most likely not report you. They are there to help and letting them know of your drug use can severely impact your chances of recovery.

3. Your Smoking Habits

We all know we should report our cigarette usage to our doctor. Some of us feel as if we are admitting wrongdoing to our parents. We know they are going to tell us to quit regardless of how many we smoke. Knowing our legitimate smoking habits can help them pinpoint long-term and immediate life-threatening illnesses.

2. Your Irregular Periods

Women may also find this topic too personal to discuss with a doctor, especially if it is a male doctor who is new to their medical history. Share your irregular periods with your doctor because it can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to pregnancy, menopause, nutrient deficiencies, or stress. Take the small steps to keep your doctor informed with a helpful tip in #1.

1. Keep A Log And Tell Them Everything

It is easy to ignore your body when it seems off, hoping it will correct itself. Be sure to keep a personal log of any irregularities about your body. It may not be an emergency now but it will certainly help your doctor when it comes time for your next appointment.

Tell your doctor everything and let them know as much information about your health and habits as you can. Even if the detail seems minuscule when it comes to the grand picture your doctor needs to know about it. Every bit of information can help them make the best determination about what is wrong with you and the most effective way to get you back to pristine health. Your doctor only wants to save your life.

Can you remember a time when you lied to your doctor? Did it help your situation at the time? Let us know some other things you don’t wish to share with your doctor.


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