Legendary Olympic Gold Medalists – Where Are They Now?

It’s not something that comes up very often, is it? What becomes of top athletes when they leave their athletic careers behind. We regularly get updates on child stars or retired actors but athletes seem to fade away, don’t they?

We wanted to right that wrong and also to see how some of the greatest athletes of the last several decades are doing now.

We’re sure you’ll be amazed at how they’ve turned out now that they’re doing something new with their lives. The most dramatic transformation of them all is number six on our list but they’re all quite amazing.

10. Peggy Fleming

Today, Peggy Fleming is probably best known for her TV work as a figure skating commentator but she was once the best-known athlete in America. Back in 1968, she won the only gold medal for the USA at the Olympic Games. She’s looking pretty good, right? Check out number 8 for another athlete who turned out great.

9. Janet Beth Evans

Wow! What a difference a few years can make to a look. When Janet Evans was a four-time gold medal winner and as a swimmer, she needed to keep her hair short. Now, she’s part of the United States’ Olympics committee, and is free to grow her hair out.

8. Dominique Moceanu

Domonique nearly didn’t go the Olympics. She only qualified because Kerri Strug picked up an ankle injury. She not only went on to pick up gold, but she did so as the last ever legally competing 14-year-old Olympian. She’s a sports coach and published writer today.

7. Kerri Strug

Kerri Strug may have dropped out to let Domonique Mocenau shine as a competitor, but she still helped the “Magnificent Seven” U.S. Women’s team win their group gold medal. She is remembered for being a fine competitor and the star of the competition. She is now a school teacher.

6. Caitlyn Jenner

There are very few more dramatic transformations than that of Caitlyn Jenner. Before she transitioned into becoming a woman, Jenner was known as Bruce Jenner and he was the “All American Hero” who won the Olympic gold for the decathlon. He also set the world record for the sport three times in a row.

5. Kristi Yamaguchi

Kristi was a world-renowned figure skater even as a very young child. She took the Olympic Gold in a near flawless skating performance that impressed the world. She has pursued many career options since leaving the sport and has also won the celebrity edition of Dancing With the Stars.

4. Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympian of all time is Michael Phelps. It seems unlikely that anyone will eclipse his achievements in our lifetimes. Phelps was the world’s best swimmer and is now trying to master a new sport – golf. Though he’s still just getting started, the word is he’s pretty good at that, too.

3. Edwin Moses

Edwin Moses has won Olympic Gold for the hurdles, twice. He didn’t give up sports when he quit professional athletics, either. He took up bobsled racing instead. Then he received an honorary doctorate in 2009. This was from the University of Massachusetts for his efforts to maintain the integrity of the Olympic tradition.

2. Sir Chris Hoy

Sir Chris Hoy is the most celebrated cyclist ever to come from the British isles. He won gold medals in two successive Olympic games, a feat which is very difficult to pull off. Then after 2012, he quit cycling and moved into motorsports instead. We imagine it’s easier on the legs.

1. Dominique Dawes

The third member of the “Magnificent Seven” to feature in our lineup is Dominique Dawes. She was part of the team gold at the Olympics. She’s now an advisor to the government on Olympic and sporting issues. She’s also performed an incredible synchronized swimming display with McKayla Maroney on Good Morning America.

It’s quite incredible how little these athletic stars seem to have aged isn’t it? We think that this might be a good indicator that a ton of physical exercise is as close to a serum for eternal youth as is possible today.

Which star do you think looks the best? Did you follow their career when you were younger? Which of today’s stars do you think will stand the test of time?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions, please, in the comments below. Of course, if you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and family on social media.


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