These Legendary Musicians Are Worth...

These Legendary Musicians Are Worth Hundreds Of Millions

featured-imageThe Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Bon Jovi — these are some of the most recognizable names in the history of rock. What may shock many is the fortunes these individuals have been able to build thanks to their highly successful music careers. Many names on the following list are still active creating music, touring, and songwriting to this day.

Most are household names whose music has affected the lives of individuals around the world, however, several names may raise a few eyebrows. While #11 may not be on the tip of your tongue, the wealth of #1 may cause your jaw to drop all the way to your desk.

15. Jimmy Buffett

001-15-jimmy-buffett-1050327Jimmy Buffett and his relaxing style of music helped him amass an estimated $500 million. His 27 album releases have built a passionate fan base who enjoy sipping margaritas. Buffett has opened two successful restaurant chains, proving himself to be a fine businessman as well. Despite his wealth, Buffett keeps his same laid back personality.

14. Mick Jagger

002-14-mick-jagger-1050255Mick Jagger has lived the stereotypical life of a rock star. There isn’t any doubt that he has enjoyed his fair share of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Being the legendary lead singer of The Rolling Stones has helped Jagger compile an estimated $360 million in wealth. He has also released several solo albums.

13. Bruce Springsteen

003-13-bruce-springsteen-1050410Bruce Springsteen the man responsible for one of the most successful albums of all-time. “Born in the U.S.A.” was certified platinum a staggering 15 times and contained seven top ten singles. His time as a member of the E Street Band helped him establish an estimated net worth of $350 million.

12. Dave Matthews

004-12-dave-matthews-1050494Dave Matthews has an estimated net worth of $300 million thanks in large part to the highly successful tours of the appropriately named Dave Matthews Band. The band has been together for well over two decades and continue to draw large crowds whenever they play in front of live audiences.

11. Roger Waters

005-11-roger-waters-1050562Roger Waters co-founded the legendary band Pink Floyd but also had great success as a solo artist as well. In 1996 he set a record for the highest attended concert when over 200,000 were in attendance at The Wall concert in Berlin, Germany. His career has led to him having a net worth of an estimated $290 million.

10. Phil Collins

006-10-phil-collins-1050774Phil Collins’ long and storied career has seen him win an impressive 19 awards. His numerous albums and highly successful tours have helped him build an estimated $260 million fortune. He is one of the most famous names in rock and roll, continuing to draw crowds to this very day.

9. James Hetfield

007-9-james-hetfield-1050313James Hetfield is worth an estimated $220 million thanks to his work as the frontman of the legendary rock band, Metallica. As the lead singer, he has led the group to nine Grammy Awards, and numerous others. His booming vocals are heard on each of Metallica’s nine studio albums.

8. Eric Clapton

008-8-eric-clapton-1050835Eric Clapton’s skill with a guitar has helped him build a net worth of an estimated $250 million, and three separate inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clapton has spent five decades in the limelight and remains an amazing guitarist to this day. There are few in rock as accomplished as he.

7. Dave Grohl

009-7-dave-grohl-1050925Being a member of both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters can definitely result in living a wealthy life. Ask Dave Grohl who is worth an estimated $280 million, due to his work with both bands. The drummer has stayed busy and has been active on the concert scene for well over 20 years.

6. Sting

010-6-sting-1051118Sting is known for being the lead singer for The Police, and for his long-lasting solo career. Sting has won 16 Grammy Awards during his career, which can explain why he is worth an estimated $300 million. Sting has used his success to donate a large amount of money through the years.

5. Jon Bon Jovi

011-5-jon-bon-jovi-1051143What hasn’t Jon Bon Jovi accomplished over his storied career? His band has a number of successful albums that have helped him earn his estimated $300 million net worth. Bon Jovi is also known for selling out large venues around the world, thanks to a number of classic songs.

4. Keith Richards

012-4-keith-richards-1051170Keith Richards is one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived. He and Mick Jagger are responsible for the success of The Rolling Stones. Richards is also known as a highly talented, writer co-writing a number of successful hits. His multiple talents helped him amass a wealth of over $340 million.

3. Ringo Starr

013-3-ringo-starr-1051196The Beatles. Does anything else need to be said? Ringo Starr was the drummer of the legendary band, while also adding vocals to several tracks. Even after the Beatles broke up, Ringo had an extremely successful solo career. He is now estimated to be worth $350 million. Ringo has also tried his hand at acting.

2. Elton John

014-2-elton-john-1051213Elton John has sold over 300 million records worldwide, and there aren’t very many musicians who can make that claim. His music has lasted through the decades and has made him worth an estimated $500 million. Elton John is one of the most recognizable faces in music and it’s safe to say that his legacy will live on for generations.

1. Paul McCartney

015-1-paul-mccartney--1051230Paul McCartney is known for his time with The Beatles and his solo career as a singer and songwriter. There isn’t anything in music that McCartney hasn’t been able to accomplish, having sold over 100 million singles during his career. His fortune is estimated to be at $1.2 billion.

Is it shocking members of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles would make this list? What about James Hetfield of Metallica? Having decades-long success in rock and roll definitely proves to be lucrative. The success of these individuals is something that should not be taken for granted, especially with the ever-changing music landscape.

The number of top ten hits, sold out venues, and platinum records from individuals on this list would take quite some time to compile. The only more difficult decision than deciding who on this list is the most talented is picking the greatest song from all the hits these artists released.


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