Ladies, We’ve Got Secret Seduction Abilities. Here’s How To Power Them Up.

Ladies, listen up: We’ve got some seriously unique seduction advice from Louise Mazanti, a relationship and sex expert who lives in London. This could change how you move through romance and seduction.

“A woman’s power is in her vagina,” she says—and it sounds like she isn’t wrong. Keep reading for more.

10. First, Ask Yourself This Question


Do you know what you really want? If you’re looking to turn it up a notch, you’re going to want to go with authenticity before everything else.

Once you’ve figured out who you’d like to seduce, move on to this next question…

9. Next, Ask Your Body


Listen to your body next. Your brain will tell you this and that, sometimes even clouding things up due to its problem-solving nature.

Your heart and your vagina, though, will likely end up pointing you in the right direction, says Louise.

8. Listen To Your Vagina, Seriously


“Women have forgotten to listen to their vaginas and put up the boundaries that their vaginas are speaking,” says Louise. “When her vagina says ‘yes,’ go with it, when her vagina says ‘no,’ go with it. That keeps the vagina happy.”

7. Simple Biology, Really


While it might sound strange at first, Louise has a point. Our bodies and their sexual components work on a subconscious level. It’s simple biology!

6. Pussy Power Explained


“A woman’s power is in her vagina,” explains Louise. She says that we’ve got to unlock our “pussy power” in order to connect with partners and enjoy the full landscape of seduction.

5. Trust Yourself And Your Own Signals


“Women are trained to accommodate,” she says. “This is why I’m talking about reclaiming your pussy power—because women need to know what they want and set the directions to their own lives.”

4. Know Yourself And Your Desires


“Don’t be the little princess who’s waiting for a man on the white horse to approach you,” she says. “Show up in the world asking for what you want.”

“That’s not just sexuality,” she adds…

3. Show Up And Show Off


“That’s career-wise,” she says, “friendships, relationships, parents, and colleagues—when we have sexual confidence. we show up in the world in a different way.”

2. Be Here Now


“Instead of just thinking of it as what you’re supposed to do or what your partner would like,” says Louise, “come into your own body.”

1. Forget About Porn Scenarios


“Process your own body, breathe into your body and go with that moment to moment. Forget about porn scenarios and come into feeling what do you want, what do you like, what are your desires?”


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