How To Know When You’ve Finally, Truly, Found Your Soul Mate

You think you’ve met that special someone, but how can you be sure? Well, there’s no acid-test for relationships and you can’t make your partner jump through a series of pre-defined hoops unless you want them to leave you.

You can, however, take a close look at certain aspects of your relationship and ask “does this sound about right?” Because if it does sound right, then you’re probably heading in the right direction for your forever love.

So check out these 10 signs and see if your partner is really the one for you. Pay particularly close attention to number five.

10. It’s More Than Physical

Of course, you’re no slouches in the bedroom department and when you’re alone and naked, sparks fly. However, you already know that there’s more to it than just sex. You’re feeling completely bonded to each other in all ways imaginable. Your other half makes your heart race all the time.

9. Money Is No Object

You see something that you would never usually consider buying for a partner but you just know, somehow, that it’s exactly the kind of thing that would make them smile. So you buy it anyway and you don’t even ask how much until the moment comes to pay.

8. Photo Sharing

When you see something funny, your first instinct is to photograph the moment and share it with your partner. You know that the humor in the moment can only be increased by sharing it with the one that you love. Laughter is the best bond for a relationship.

Think that’s good? Then you have to read tip number six.

7. No Special Occasions

You stop caring about Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Easter because when you’re with them, every single day is a festival. You know that even the dullest day can be special because you’re sharing it with that someone special to you. You can turn a simple lunch into a world-class celebration together.

6. Your Feelings Overwhelm You

You’ve always looked at people who say things like, “I would literally DIE or KILL for my partner” as slightly mad until you found the one that you really love. Now, you completely get it. The strength of your feelings overwhelm you and you cannot imagine not feeling like this.

5. You’re A Little Psychic

You’re minding your own business and doing something without your partner but suddenly, you just have to call them and see how they are. That’s because you somehow just know that they’re not doing OK today and they need a little support from you to get through things.

If you recognize that feeling, you’ll be sure to recognize number two on our list, too.

4. You Can Shrug The Little Things Off

We’re not talking about the little things between the two of you, we’re talking about all of life’s minor misadventures. When once treading in a little dog poop would have left you incandescent with rage, today you’re just wiping your shoe in some grass and shrugging your shoulders. Your love shields you from anger.

3. Pet Names Feel Good

You used to look at other couples and cringe as the pet names tripped off their tongue. How could they be so corny? Yet, now that it’s your turn to fall head-over-heels in love, you know exactly how they feel. You’ve got special names for each other and you don’t care who knows it.

2. You Feel Grateful

You think of the person that you’re with and you just start to well up with gratitude. There’s a confidence and warmth in knowing how loved that you feel and you’re grateful to the universe for it. That feeling comes unprompted and it’s surprising how strong it can be, isn’t it?

1. You Ride The Waves Together

Life’s rarely perfect even when your relationship is perfect. Together, however, you feel ready to tackle any hardship and surmount any obstacle in your way. You know that your shared love will make certain that nothing can prevent you from succeeding together. That’s the moment when you can be sure that they’re the one.

So, how many of our 10 signs did you find in your relationship? We hope that you found all 10 and that you’re 100% certain you’ve found the one.

If not, don’t panic, you can work together to put this kind of spark in a relationship – it doesn’t mean you need to find someone new.

Which of these signs do you think was the most reliable indicator of a good relationship? Are there any others that you think we missed? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.


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