Are You Sexually High Maintenance ? How To Know If You’re Taking Sex Way Too Seriously

When it comes to the first throes of a relationship, pretty much anything goes, right? You’re powerfully attracted to each other and there’s nothing that’s going to get between the two of you.

Yet, as time moves forward, sex becomes less and less frequent, but why? Well, the truth is that some of you are just high maintenance when it comes to your bedroom expectations. You’re letting silly stuff prevent you from having a mind-blowing good time.

So check out these 10 signs that you’re sexually high maintenance and if you recognize any of them, take action to stop today.

10. You’re Worried About Messing Up The Bed

It’s the small stuff. It’s always small stuff that starts creeping in to spoil things. Not wanting to mess up the bed is a common complaint as though you can’t manage the 2 minutes it takes to freshen the bed up afterward? C’mon people, get some perspective, please.

9. You’re Annoyed By The TV

Sure, we get it. The TV can put you off your stride a little if it’s on every time that you lose your clothes together, but at the same time, you can either turn it off or ignore it. A TV’s not a dog, it’s not going to barge in during the middle of the act.

8. You Won’t When People Are Visiting

This is the 21st century and there’s absolutely no one that doesn’t know that grown ups do grown up things together. That’s no one at all. Sure, they may notice your hair’s a mess or you’re a little flushed, but they’re not going to give a hard time for it. Get over yourself already and go have fun.

7. You’re Hanging On The Telephone

OK, this one we have huge sympathy for. In this modern age, it feels like we’re obliged to answer a telephone because they’re with us everywhere, but here’s the truth – we’re not. People used to cope just fine without their every call being answered and they can now, too. Ignore the phone and enjoy the love.

6. You Insist Your Partner Showers First

Look, as long as your partner showers at some point during the day, they’re clean enough for a little lovemaking. There is nothing more mood killing than telling your partner to go wash beforehand. You can enjoy a little shower fun, but it’s not a mandatory part of the act. Trust us on this.

5. Your Parents Put You Off

Everyone talks to their parents and some point or another, most of us know that when the conversation is over, then their parents are no longer there in spirit. Some people, on the other hand, find it puts them off the deed in hand. If that’s the case for you, try and schedule appointments with your parents.

4. You Prioritize Other Appointments

What could possibly be more important than an act of love with your significant other? We can give you a list of things that aren’t as important: movie times, dinner reservations, the opening movement of a concert, and in fact, pretty much everything that isn’t a matter of life and death.

3. You’re Not Being Sponsored

Sure, it’s nice to have your favorite type of condom, your best-loved brand of lube and then toys that you’ve spent years investing in to get the perfect set, but none of this is essential. We’re talking about an act of private intimacy between two people, you’re not being sponsored and there’s no gear check.

2. You’re Not A Laundromat

This one is worse than the person who is obsessed with making the bed after the act. You really do not need to wash the sheets every time the bed is used. That’s bordering on OCD and you might want to think about therapy if you want a healthy love life.

1. You’re Becoming Obsessed With Temperature Control

Let’s be clear about this. You do not need to set the room to a perfect temperature in order to do the wild thing. If you are a bit cold, you will get warm as you do the horizontal bop. If you’re a bit warm, you’re aiming to get sweaty anyway. Forget the climate control and get going.


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