Kitchen Design: 20 Things to Never ...

Kitchen Design: 20 Things to Never Throw Away from Your Kitchen

4- Citrus and Banana Peels
Lemon Peels

The peelings of citrus fruits and bananas have enough matter left in them for another go-round. Add fresh peels to your morning smoothie or to your pasta for extra fiber, zest flavor and vitamins. You can also use citrus and banana peels as face and body scrubs. They can prevent acne, relieve rashes itch and are good moisturizers.
Citrus fruits are also good disinfectants and deodorizer. Instead of using a whole fruit, you can just use their peels and then rub them onto your kitchen sink or toilet seat. It will save you more money instead of buying expensive cleaners. You can also use the banana peels to polish shoes and silver naturally.

5- Broccoli and Celery leaves
Exotic Health

You can eat them raw. Just chopped them and add them onto your fresh salads or sandwich spreads. You can also add them to soups, stews or smoothies. Go to next page!

6- Milk Carton


Milky Tree House

We use a lot of milk every day. We add them to our morning cereal, smoothies, or to many dishes. Chances are, we’ve got a steady supply of milk cartons streaming out of your house every month. And what do we do with these cartons? Throw them away? Having new kitchen design in mind, why don’t we try to reuse them?

Following the spirit of new kitchen design, you may want to try making over-sized ice cubes by freezing water in milk cartons. It’s perfect for stacking in coolers or tossing into the yard for pets to play with. You can also use them for storing stock, soups and stews. With their structure, you can just slice off how much you need then put the rest back into the freezer.

With their classic and simple design, you can just paint them and then transform to cool items like a little birdhouse or pen organizers.

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