Kim vs. Kylie: Rocking The Same Looks


Scroll through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account and you will be just as amazed as we were how many pics look strikingly similar to her older sis Kim Kardashian. Which got us to thinking, maybe they look so similar because that should really be twins! Despite the age difference, these two look so similar it is uncanny.

Seriously, though. We’re curious to know who is copying whom and who wears it better? Their outfits may not be exactly the same, but they are so close that we called it and put them up for comparison.

Where do you weigh in?

39. Black Bandeau


Source: Elle

Black is a slimming color and a black skirt with a matching bandeau top is a striking combination, but who wears it better? Our vote is on Kim for rocking this outfit well.

38.Black Satin Dress


Source: Elle

Kylie wins this one, easy. Her dress gives her a classic elegance. The subtle plunging neckline doesn’t feel like it could slip at any moment and we like the 3/4 sleeve of her dress better than pairing the dress with the more structured addition of a blazer.

37. Denim, Denim, Denim



Source: Elle

We’ll give this one to Kim. The tucked shirt and rolled sleeves give her look a level of casual that feels effortless and great for running around. Nice try, little sis.


36. Black Sunglasses



Source: Elle

Black, black, and more black! The youngest Jenner gets this one for her stunning shades and killer leather jacket paired with a chunky sweater.

35. Sheer Lace


Source: Hollywood Life

Sorry, Kim. We have to give this one to Kylie. It looks like someone put some undergarments on you, stuffed you into a body-sized mesh produce bag, and pushed you out in front of the cameras.

34. Destroyed Denim


Source: Elle

We prefer the more classic look of black boots with some blown out knees over the sheer destruction of Kim’s pants on the left. Many zippers perished in the making of those pants.

33. Bandana Bandits


Source: Elle

You both win in this one. We’re not sure the reason for the bandanas but you both pull them off well. Kylie definitely wins the cute award though.

32. Black & White



Source: Elle

The classic combination of black skirt/white top is shown off here in two completely different styles, but we think Kylie wins with her daring skirt and boot combo.

31. Little Red Dress



Source: Elle

Fire Engine Red never looked so good, but we find it more flattering to the figure on little miss Jenner. Good try Kim.

30. Gray Heather


Source: Elle

Oh, girls! Great job making something as simple as a heather grey top look fancy! Maybe there is hope yet for the rest of us. You both win!

29. Sheer White


Source: Hollywood Life

We are going to give Kim the gold in this one. This fabulous ensemble surely couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else. Rock it, girl!

28. Perfected Pout


Source: Elle

Which pout is better? We can’t decide, but you can definitely see the resemblance between the two here. Effortless pouts.

27. Strappy Black Bathing Suit


Source: Elle

Kylie, rock that suit. You look fabulous! Kim, there is very little left to the imagination in a suit like that and we’re not sure where those belly panels are going…

26. Face Twins



Source: Hollywood Life

Family resemblance much? Or maybe they really are the same person and this has all been an elaborate hoax?

25. Black Plunge


Source: Hollywood Life

Kim definitely has the plunge down here. You pull it off, Kylie, but Kim just nailed it.

24. Sisters


Source: Hollywood Life

You can clearly see the familial resemblance here, even their eye color is the same! Are we sure that they aren’t the same person?

23. Blondies


Source: Elle

Even in blonde they both look stunning. But, while Kim has “the smolder” down here, we’re going to give it to Kylie for the killer eyes and rockin’ plum lips!

22. Grandma MJ


Source: Elle

Grandma and girls, keeping it real. Rock that fur, MJ! She’s clearly a fashion inspiration for all the Kardashian/Jenner girls.

21. Helicopter Selfies


Source: Elle

Seriously, Kylie. Quit being so adorable! We think you both wear clunky, helicopter headsets well, better than most people could at least.

20. Family Resemblance


Source: Hollywood Life

The eyebrow game is strong here. Kylie has the strong arch, but Kim’s bold brows just have something here that works so well.

19. Tube Dress


Source: Hollywood Life

Kylie wins this one, hands down. That olive green is a great color on her. Sorry, Kim, but no. Nude is not working for you and your Spanx are showing…

18. Selfies


Source: Hollywood Life

Tough choice here seeing as how they have to be the same person! There’s no way around it. Little Jenner can even nail “The Smolder”, just like Kim.

17. More Black Bandeaus


Source: Elle

Kylie is the clear winner in this one. If the outfit didn’t win us over, the aqua hair sure did!

16. Classic White Shirt & Jeans


Source: Elle

We want to give this one to Kim, if only for Kanye’s vacant stare, but we just can’t. Kylie wears this classic combo so well, we have to give it to her.

15. Mock Turtleneck Dress


Source: Elle

Kim, what did we tell you about nudes? Just don’t. Kylie wins again in this lovely truffle colored dress that nicely compliments her complexion.

14. Cleopatra Look-a-likes?


Source: Hollywood Life

Honestly, Kylie could pull off the full Cleopatra look much better than Kim does here. Hand over the headdress and nobody will get hurt.

13. Stripes


Source: Elle

Thanks for keeping those nips in check, Kim. Kylie, you really need more than two wet lasagna noodles to wrangle those in place. Please, put a real shirt on.

12. Black Widow Style !


Source: Hollywood Life

Still not a fan on this dress/coat combination but Kylie picked another winner! Even with the weird shoulder pads on.

11. Bikini Time ?


Source: Hollywood Life

You win this round, Kim. The suit fits you like a real top and not like a sports bra…not that we’re judging anyone.

10.Tanks And Skirts


Source: Elle

White tank with a nude skirt. We’d like to mix and match Kim’s skirt with Kylie’s top. Alas, we’ll just have to settle for you both win this one.

9. White Slit-Leg Dress


Source: Hollywood Life

This one goes to Kylie for that stellar skirt/belt combination she has going on here. Kim, don’t be afraid to dress it up a bit…

8. Work It Out


Source: Elle

Workout selfies are an unnecessary thing, really they are. At least Kim is actually at a gym in this one, so kudos to you Kim.

7. Goth Babes


Source: Elle

It is hard to pull of this look without looking like a poser. Kylie, you win this round. You pull off the black lips better. Kim, your eyes are gorgeous.

6.The “Look Back”


Source: Elle

They both have this look down pat, but the bubble butt just isn’t working in that sweater dress. Kylie’s coy look is a little bit better.

5.Little White Dress


Source: Elle

Did they have to weave her into that dress? While this is probably the most flattering thing you’ve worn so far, we’re giving this one Kylie for this gorgeous ensemble.

4. Besties


Source: Elle

They even copy each other with friends. Red lips or funky hair? We can’t decide, but they both look great in this one!

3. Bathing Beauties


Source: Elle

Kylie is rocking this suit wonderfully! Kim, rockin’ but not quite as well. Keep up the good work kids and try again next time.

2. Twin Selfies


Source: Elle

Girls, seriously, stop. We can’t decide if they are purposely trying to copy each other or if it’s just an eerie happenstance that they take nearly the exact same selfies.

1. Fur Friends


Source: Hollywood Life

And the twin winner, enjoy all the fur! We doubt they could look any more similar if they tried. For real though, something weird is going on. Kylie definitely pulls off this look better than older sis Kim.

Pretty crazy, right? Who do you think pulls off these looks better? And who is copying whom when it comes to selfies? Tell us what you think.