Kim Kardashian Dresses Nothing Like...

Kim Kardashian Dresses Nothing Like A Basic Mom

Kim Kardashian West is known around the world for the empire she built after a sex tape release. It’s no joke, though; she’s a socialite, model, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $150 million. She earns around $50 million each year between reality television, social media, and merchandising.

Kim and her husband Kanye West have two children together. Their daughter North West was born in 2013 and son Saint West was born in 2015. The family is very fashionable, but matriarch Kim takes the cake with her wardrobe choices. Most people would agree that the outfits she wears on a daily basis look nothing like a typical mother’s wardrobe. Read on to see some of the best looks.

12. This Dress

Here’s Kim exiting a Miami hotel with Kanye. This sheer dress with a bodysuit fit is seriously kickass, showing off the figure that Kim works hard to keep in shape. If you’d given birth twice and looked like this, you’d be tempted to wear this outfit, too.

11. No Bra, No Problem

This silver chain mail dress was one of three outfits Kim wore on a September day in New York. No bra, no problem! “I have always loved sheer,” she said. It’s really no big deal because she’s bared it all for social media and magazines plenty of times.

10. Camo And Undies

Here’s an outfit that Kim wore to a launch party for OU SkySpace, California’s tallest open-air observation deck in Los Angeles. She’s rocking a sheer mesh-textured black dress that shows off her bikini underwear. The look is topped off with a camouflage-print jacket, designed by her husband, of course.

9. Paris

Kim is seen here arriving at designer Azzedine Alaïa’s private kitchen in Paris, France, in October 2016. She’s wearing a white Alaïa dress with snakeskin boots. She attended the dinner with her sister Kourtney.

“We’ve been here for lunch a few days ago so he fitted us, we tried on our outfits, it fits perfectly,” Kourtney said.

8. Transparency

Kim’s out and about in New York in this photo, wearing a rather transparent ensemble. Those thigh-high plastic boots were designed by her husband for his fourth YEEZY collection, and the denim jacket is also a Kanye creation. The boots were likely made of Perspex, a brand of acrylic material.

7. Lace Corset

Rocking a black corset and jeans with snake print boots, here’s Kim in Miami. “It’s just super cute and different and just easy and effortless,” she said to the Huffington Post about corset looks. “I don’t want to overdo it, but… whatever, I’m just going to wear it until I get tired of it.”

6. Off The Shoulder

So, it’s pretty safe to say this shirt wasn’t tailored to fall off of the shoulder, right? Too bad. Kim, of course, laughs in the face of fashion and does whatever she wants. Here she is showing off plenty of cleavage, accessorized with a couple of gold necklaces.

5. White On White

This is one of Kim’s date night looks. She paired a white denim miniskirt with a top featuring a typically plunging neckline.

“My wife is a G! Not a lot of people’s wives would let them say that,” Kanye said at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

4. Taking Risks With White

Most normal, careful parents wouldn’t dream of wearing white around their young children, because it’s really just a magnet for spills and stains, right? Wrong. Again, Kim just doesn’t care. She rocked this cold-shouldered look while she was out in Miami with North and husband Kanye.

3. Black Fur

Marc Piasecki, a photographer who chronicled Kardashian’s time in Paris this past October, said that Kim is polite to the paparazzi and street style photographers who she encounters.

“Lots of other celebrities are giving us this,” he told Vanity Fair, holding up his middle finger. “She never does that.”

2. Out To Dinner

Here’s Kim out to dinner with her family in Paris in early October 2016. She’s wearing a corset bodice with lace detailing, front laced boots, and an olive green trenchcoat. The 3,790-square-foot penthouse she stayed at in the City of Lights costs over $16,000 per night.

1. Fur And Fur

Here are Kim and North staying warm with fur coats on a 16º New York day.

Fun fact: After a PETA activist threw flour all over Kim at a red carpet event, she and her fur-loving husband vowed to change their ways.

“Kim doesn’t want to upset anti-fur fans, especially by the way she dresses North, so everything is going to be replaced with a new roadkill wardrobe,” said a source.

Kim and Kanye’s marriage, parenthood, and careers have been subjected to much media scrutiny. The New York Times described their marriage as “a historic blizzard of celebrity.” After she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, she took a break from social media. The thirteenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was halted while she recovered.

Kim and many others realized that documenting a lavish and glamorous life on social media makes someone a much easier target. Thieves don’t even have to be smart in order to pinpoint a location and track someone down, after all. Lesson learned?


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