Japanese Women Are Renting Boyfriends By The Hour—Here’s Why

Have you ever sat and stared at your boyfriend, wondering how you got so lucky to have a man that treats you right? Someone who cooks and then takes you out for dancing and drinks… Maybe some cuddling and a movie? Then, when you’re finished, he clears out and heads home?

In Japan, that can all be yours when you rent a boyfriend.

8. Rent-A-Date Services

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Even though services for paid companions have existed long before now in Japan, Boyfriend Rental is a brand new company. Here’s how the business got its start…

7. Rent-An-Old-Man


In 2013, a “rent-an-old-man” service was introduced. You could rent your old man for around $10 per hour. You’ll pay a little more for the younger gentlemen.

6. Always Options


There are three options to choose from. You can have a “Fresh” date for $40 per hour, a “Regular” encounter for about $48 per hour, or a “Special” session for $56 per hour.

5. Lonely Housewives


According to one of Japan’s nationwide morning shows, Hakunetsu Live Vivid, forty percent of renters are lonely housewives. You won’t believe how many come back for more in #4.

4. Back For Seconds


Nearly half of the company’s customers return for future dates. What could be bringing these ladies back for seconds and thirds? Definitely not what you think it is…

3. Crossing The Line


This is not prostitution, these men are not gigolos, and sex is not on the menu with this service. In addition, you can’t even give your date a good night kiss.

2. Some Intimacy Allowed


You can hold his hand and give him a hug, so there is some form of intimacy. This is more about companionship, though, and there are also some additional fees…

1. The Total Cost Of A One-Time Boyfriend


Not only do you pay per hour, but you also have to pay for the date. It’s $80 to go shopping, $33 to sing karaoke and $117 for a meal. One date wound up costing one woman around $550!

Maybe try your luck on Tinder?


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