Intriguing Theories That Suggest Giants Once Roamed The Earth


Giants. They’re one of the earth’s greatest mysteries. Throughout mankind’s history, there have been powerful tales of men who towered above all others.

These were creatures of power and sheer brawn and many believe them to be purely mythical. Yet, it must be acknowledged that there is plenty of evidence that suggests that giants may not be the product of prehistoric fantasy and in fact, giants were very real.

Some allege that this points to a “cover up,” and while we’re not sure that this is the case, it’s certainly worth examining the evidence for yourself.

Without further ado, check out these theories that may prove the existence of giants. The photos are fake, but the reports are real!

12. Giant Footprints In Africa

The best-known piece of evidence for giants in the world is the “Goliath’s Footprint,” that you can see here. It was found in Swaziland, which is part of South Africa. It is over one meter long and a near-perfect match for a human foot. It’s also more than 200 million years old.

11. Giant Footprints In America

It’s not just South Africa which plays host to giant footprints. There were some reported in The Oakland Tribune in 1925 found in San Jose, California. There are reported occurrences in China and Tanzania, too. Once again, the footprints were millions of years old. Does this mean giants existed before mankind?

10. The Caucasus Mountains

This one is a mystery. A herdsman finds a grave in the mountains. It’s full of giant remains. Researchers investigate and find the grave has collapsed, but rescue some bones. They find the bones to be human but very large (the human they come from would have been 3 meters tall). Then the bones go missing from the museum they were housed in, never to be seen again.

9. The Aleutian Island Mystery

Two engineers who were working on the Aleutian Islands in the 1940s wrote, independently of each other, to the zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson. They each claimed that they had been part of a group which discovered giant sized human remains. They also asserted the bones had been claimed by The Smithsonian, a claim the institute denies.

8. The Incredible Human Finger Of Egypt

This is quite amazing. A human finger, which was discovered in Egypt and which is more than 15 inches long. It was offered for sale by a “grave robber” to a German man, but when he returned to purchase the finger, the man had disappeared. No one knows where it is now.

7. What Lurked In Lovelock Cave

Lovelock Cave is in Nevada and is said to be the place with the earliest traces of human habitation in North America. Local Native American tribes say that the area was once occupied by a race of giants and two miners, in 1911, discovered a giant handprint on the cave wall. They also found some giant-sized mummies.

6. Mummies On The Colorado River

The Arizona Gazette, in April 1909, reported that there were some remarkable discoveries made on the Colorado River. An explorer said he had found mummies of people who were more than 9 feet tall! To add fuel to the conspiracy theory fire, he also claimed they were sealed off from the public by the government.

5. The Giants Of Ecuador

These are really interesting. In 1964, some giant bones were discovered in Ecuador which appear to have come from someone 25 feet tall! The bones are under the care of an Austrian researcher, and current assessments suggest that they are more than 10,000 years old. There’s also the intriguing point that they were found in a place called “the cemetery of the giants’ by the indigenous people.

4. Bulgarian Giants In Varna

Varna is a place that has been strongly associated with giants in myth, and it came as only a minor surprise when in 2015, a giant skeleton was discovered. This skeleton dates back to the 5th century and appears to have been posed in death by those who buried it. You won’t believe where the next discoveries were made in item number three.

3. Death Valley Discoveries

In the 1930’s, a physician, F. Bruce Russell, discovered a warren of tunnels underneath Death Valley. In 1947, when exploring this area Howard Hill, he found an 80,000-year-old giant mummy in a cave complex. This find was reported by The San Diego Union on August 4. No follow-up was ever conducted on this piece.

2. Lake Delavan’s Giants

Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, was the location of a major giant discovery, according to the New York Times. The newspaper reports that 18 giant skeletons were found there. These skeletons were not fully humanoid and may have been the remains of a species of giant monkey. This conclusion was based on observation of the skull bones.

1. Wisconsin’s Mega Men

Wisconsin’s also home to another giant discovery. The New York Times also reports that in 1891 and again in 1897, skeletons of men greater than 2.5 meters were found near the ancient city of Aztalan. What is peculiar is that despite all these reports in an esteemed newspaper, no findings were ever presented from the research that followed.


There are substantial problems with the concept of a race of giant human beings, not least that our bones are unlikely to scale well enough to bear the weight of being several meters tall.

However, it is not impossible that giants weren’t human but rather a related species with different skeletal composition. That is, if they existed at all.

What do you think? Is there enough evidence that giants existed? Or do you think that we need to find something more conclusive before we make a decision either way?

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