The Most Intimidating Sex Positions From The Kama Sutra

Some of you might be wondering what exactly is Kama Sutra is. Let’s brush up on that quickly. The Kama Sutra is a Hindu treatise written in c. 400, that deals exclusively with pleasure, love and sexuality.

It’s all about freedom in sexuality and devotion to your lover–which is beautiful– but some of the positions to emerge from the Kama Sutra tradition are pretty weird.

They range from “I think this is doable” to absolutely horrifying. You will likely learn something within the next few slides that you did not want to know.

Brace yourself. Some of them get pretty crazy (#3 will make you break out in hives).

10. The Balancing Act That Guarantees Muscles Spasms

The “balancing act” is an easier position for the male. He simply has to lie on his back with his legs apart and knees pulled slightly towards his chin, while the female sits down between his legs, pulling her legs to her chest and balancing.

Clearly the male has to guide penetration on this one, because the female has to focus on not becoming unraveled on her partner’s trapeze.

9. Stay On The Peg

“The peg” requires careful execution. Start by laying on your side facing one another. The female will then pull her knees to her chin and wrap them around the male’s legs–which will be fully extended. The female holds her partner’s legs to her chest as he enters her.

Orgasm can be achieved without moving on to stage two, which would include the male flipping on to his back as the woman simultaneously flips with him, landing on top. The game is all about “staying on that peg.”

8. The Bridge That Came Tumbling Down

Height definitely matters with this one, as does the strength of the male partner. In thisposition, the male will bend backwards into a bridge while the female straddles him standing up. The female will push off the floor with her toes as the male thrusts upwards.

The thrusting can’t get too crazy though, or the female is sure to fall off that bridge.

You think that’s dangerous, check out this next one…

7. This Wheel Barrow Better Be A Quickie

I’m sure that every female subjecting herself to the “wheel barrow” is probably a yoga instructor or body builder, because she’ll have to bend her body in half and then balance on her hands as her partner penetrates her.

The male will be in a standing position, holding on to the female’s feet while maintaining the rhythm.

6. How To Plow

“The Plow” is a sexual position that requires a really strong core on the female’s part. The woman starts by balancing on her elbows–preferably on a pillow or something soft–as the man stands between her legs holding her hips. It’s his job to guide the action, as the female tries not to…well…fall.

Focusing on a climax might be pretty tough while trying to plank, but why not try?

5. The Ape For Your Animalistic Side

This position isn’t so bad for those of us who are less flexible. The male partner lays down on his back while the female sits down on him, turned away. The female can take it at her own pace. That pace can be as intense as your taste. Rawr!

You are not going to think this next position is even possible…

4. The Propeller That Will Test Your Skill

I know what you’re thinking, “how the hell does ‘the propeller’ work?” Well, it really doesn’t, but it’s cool to say you tried something new. It’ll likely be super uncomfortable and awkward and kill the mood, but ending up in a pile of laughter might help your love life anyways.

3. I’ll Pass On The Overpass

Excuse me?

This does not look enjoyable at all, but for those of you women who happen to be physically superhuman with endless endurance and unreasonable strength, who knows, “the overpass” might be your new favorite.

The female partner simply lays down on her back and puts her legs over her head as the male partner sits on her, quite literally.

My neck hurts just thinking about it.

2. The Triple Lindy Aka The Airborne Position

Have you ever wanted to fly during sex? Yeah… me neither. This insane sex position requires a serious amount of trust.

I think I’ve seen this move in figure skating before. The male partner picks up the female partner from behind and throws her in the air. It’s kind of the same with “The Triple Lindy,” except the female has to trust that her partner won’t send her flying.

1. The Head Spinner Is Damn Near Impossible

In this position, the female goes into a headstand with her legs split like a pair of scissors. The male then somehow hugs and penetrates her body upside down, while all at the same time spinning around in circles.

Huh? How?

I wonder if anyone has successfully accomplished this.

If you have, serious bragging rights to you, my friend.

Can you believe some of these are even sex positions?! Most of them hardly seem pleasurable, but who knows, maybe you’ve found them to be. If so, go ahead and share that with us!

Be sure to let us know if you’ve experimented with any of these positions and whether or not you were successful in your attempt.

If you’ve been even more daring in your sexual experiences, feel free to share. If there are kama sutra traditions we missed that are just as insane, list them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share this article with all of your freaky friends.


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