Instagram Vs. Reality: Stop Believing Everything You See

Most people are smart enough to look at the cover of a magazine and realize the models featured don’t normally look like that. It’s common practice to use Photoshop after a shoot in order to make the model look like a perfectly-molded doll with no blemishes or scars. A lot of people wind up using that as the scale of perfection, even though that version of perfect is far from the actual reality.

Just look at Instagram, where people are altering, filtering, and modifying their photos in order to make the world believe they are someone else. Here are the top 10 examples of Instagram vs. reality — #2 will make you question every picture of a sexy woman you ever see!

10. The Profile Pic

We all know that profile pictures don’t usually represent our average everyday look, because we are all guilty of searching for the best photos of us and doctoring them up to make us look like models. We are all special little unicorns in our own eyes and deserve to be represented accurately.

9. Instagram Deceives

Ok, we know that one of these people is Princess Merida from Disney’s Brave and the other is country music legend Bonnie Raitt. The point being, our Instagram photos never appear to us the way they look to others, and the real people behind the Instagram photos rarely match their best pics.

8. Instagram Is Not Reality

Many people will lay in bed and take one hundred photos to make themselves look the cutest and then add a caption such as “Caught me when I was waking up, I’m so embarrassed!” If we wanted this to represent reality, then the bottom photo is definitely more like it.

7. Pets Hate Instagram

Pet owners want nothing more than for their followers to believe their furry friends love them more than anything. However, chances are those animals want nothing more than to escape your clutches and get out of that situation as quickly as possible. Especially if you are a cat owner. They don’t like it, so please stop pretending.

6. Real Life Bad Hair Day

Many people walk out of their house in the morning with a fresh shower, a nice hairdo, and some sweet threads. They are ready to face the day and live with complete confidence. That is until they are ready for an Instagram post and realize Mother Nature has not had their best interest in mind.

5. Resting Face

Thank goodness communications companies have put a camera on the face of our phones so we can see what we actually look like when we smile. Before that, we were showing the world how awkward our resting faces can actually be. What would this world become if we blindly took photos of ourselves?

4. Deceitful Angles

Deceitful camera angles are a staple on Instagram. We try so desperately hard to make people think we are risk-taking daredevils who laugh in the face of danger. When it actuality, we can stay calmly in our safe space while our camera angles make us live in a bed of lies.

3. Don’t Believe Everything You See

Even though we want the rest of the world to think that we spend a few hours at the gym each day honing our beach bodies into bikini-clad perfection, the truth is typically the opposite. No one saw you eat that Big Mac yesterday and a quick crop of the mid-section will corroborate your story.

2. Sometimes You Get Caught

There are a lot of people who end up getting caught. The Internet is around to put us in our place when we start to believe our own lies. It is the job of every red-blooded Instagram user to ensure the truth remains the norm and those who wish to bend it to their will need to be outed.

1. Beyonce What?

Movie stars, musicians, artists, and models are all guilty of lying through their pictures. The only difference is, they have professional photographers and graphic artists to make them look as authentic as possible. Just remember that nearly every photo you see that looks perfect is most likely not perfect at all.

Although some of the photos are obvious jokes, they point out the ludicrous attempts people make to convince the world that are prettier, skinnier, or smarter than they actually are. Pointing those people out in public is not meant to shame them or to condemn their actions. Letting them know we see through their veil of lies is meant to humble them into accepting who they are.

How many friends do you have who spend hours altering a photo before sharing it with their Instagram followers? We are all guilty of it so share a story in the comments about a time you were caught.


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