Husband and Wife Found A Secret Trap Door Inside Their House What They Found Was Too Cool


secret trap door in houseEvery homeowner dreams of finding a hidden room or secret passage in their house. There could be cool things or hidden treasures left behind. But most of the time, as much as you search every square inch of every room, you will never find anything more than a loose board or a few spare shelving brackets.

This guy, however, found something hidden in his new house that he could never have predicted. After moving in some boxes, he found something deep-seated in his floor that he haven’t noticed before. Little did he know that he will be discovering something cool.

Let’s discover the mind-blowing secret hidden in one of their new home’s closets.

12. Something Different

secret trap door

Imgur user CzarMatt and his wife just bought a new house. So the first they did was put in their things and organize them. Some of their stuff were still even in boxes.

Matt was just mindlessly stacking the boxes inside the closet and wasn’t paying attention to the floor. But after a bit, his wife noticed a panel in the floor and said, “did you know we had a trap door?”

11. The Trap Door

trap door


To his surprise they did. So curiosity got the best of them and decided to explore. After all, they’ll be living there for a while. So they quickly moved the boxes out of the way and hoped to find something awesome there.

There’s nothing more exciting and scary than exploring new things, right?

10. Exploring the Unknown

hidden trap door


Matt and his wife were excited and scared at the same time. Hopefully, there will be no dead bodies down there or something explosive. Immediately, their new home gave them an experience they will never forget.

But what will they find inside? The suspense is unbearable yet they are still cautious until they know everything is clear.

9. Wooden Boxtrap door

At first glance, it looks empty. But when you look closely there is a wooden box tucked on the upper right side. Thankfully nothing exploded and there were no dead bodies.

The wooden box was quite heavy and looked antique. The intricate details and the box were in perfect condition. Looks like this box was well taken care of. We wonder what hold this majestic box?

8. Treasure Box?

box inside trap door

The intricate wooden box was left half under some plastic. It’s locked tight and who knows how old it is. Matt was afraid to force it open and risk ruining the box itself. It was also quite heavy.

Matt’s wife also decided to wipe the box with some Pledge much to his displeasure. But it did need a good cleaning.

7. Tools to the Rescue

secret trap door2

Since the keyhole looked intact, Matt decided to leave the box and call a locksmith friend for help. But after finding out that his locksmith friend couldn’t come to help open the box, he decided to open it himself and explore the unknown. He grabbed his tools and got to work.

The suspense was probably killing him. As I am.

6. Open Sesame

trap door box


Using his trusty tools, Matt carefully opened the box to prevent the risk of ruining it. He opened the box in no time at all and it looked like a little treasure chest full of coins! Who knew these things were inside the box.

But there was another tiny box inside the big one and this excited Matt and his wife the more. Maybe this was something more valuable than the coins?

5. Antique Coins

antique coins trap door


This explains why the box was so heavy. There were a lot of old coins from around the world and from different times. There are even coins dating back to 1859 and 1885! These are more than a hundred years old! That’s insane. You usually just see stuff that old in museums.

The collector must have loved his collection so much that he has a special box for it and is well-hidden until now.

4. Hidden Treasures
hidden trap door with antique coins

Aside from the antique coins, Matt’s wife spotted something inserted inside the lining of the box. Matt’s wife sure does have a good eyesight. It was a Silver Surfer card in a protective case. But aside from the coins and card, there was another tiny box that’s even more exciting to open after seeing all these goodies. Probably something more valuable?

3. Another Treasure?

trap door small box

The small box was also locked. Matt’s wife found a small key among the coins and tried if it was the key to the small box. Luckily, it was! Matt’s power tools weren’t needed here.

When they opened it there was a lot of small pouches stacked together. It looked like something very special was inside those pouches.

2. Antique Pocket Watches

antique pocket watches trap door

Inside the pouches were antique pocket watches, some chains, and a ring! It looked like the collector of this box was some of age. But the silver surfer card, we’re not sure why it got there. It seems out of place.

All these antique bling were in perfect condition. No rust or whatsoever. The two big pocket watches were still working. There was also an old girl scout ring. This box was amazing! It’s like finding a hidden treasure.

1. The Family Pet

house with secret trap door

But despite all the excitement of Matt and his wife their cool and calm dog couldn’t care less. Maybe if there was something for him then he would be as excited as they are. But for now, he’ll just be chilling on the sofa.

Matt and his wife definitely hit the jackpot here. Who would have thought you would find a boxful of antique goodies in your new house. Hopefully, the collector doesn’t mind Matt and his wife enjoying his collection.

This experience would make a great story to their future children. Also, thanks to Matt’s wife’s sharp eyesight for seeing that disguised trap door. They’re now enjoying this antique collection.