Husband Took His Wife to Her Final Chemotherapy Session But She Never Expected What Happened Next

Most people dread the word cancer. Especially when one of the family members is diagnosed with the disease. It sounds like a death sentence.


But early detection and prompt treatment greatly increase the curability and survival rate of the patient. Just like this touching and inspiring story we found for you.

A healthy and asymptomatic mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a shock to her and her family as she had no symptoms or whatsoever. But being the brave woman she is, she faced the disease head on.

Her husband was with her along the way and was inspired by how she faced every step of the treatment. So to honor her, he did something very special on her final chemotherapy session. Be touched and inspired.

10. Last Session

Alissa Bousquet was finishing her last chemotherapy session so her husband Brad instinctively wanted to do something special to celebrate. Just like her typical chemotherapy sessions, she sat patiently and waited for her treatment to end.  But what she didn’t know was that a surprise entered the hospital room from around the corner. It started as a small, touching gesture from her husband but turned ended up into a feat that brought many patients to tears.

This inspiring story came about for one simple reason, Brad and Alissa Bousquet live in a small town. The problem with living in a small town is that, more often than not, everyone knows your business. Although when you’re in need of support and a helping hand, there’s nowhere else you would rather be.

9. The Big C

The Bousquet family discovered that great strength can sometimes come from even the smallest of communities. Surely, when Brad reached out to their tiny town of Oakland, Nebraska for help, several of its 1,244 residents were happy to contribute.

After all, the family of six had lived happily for years in the town of Oakland. But back in December 2015 their world suddenly turned upside down when homemaker Alissa received a devastating news.

8. Shocking Discovery

It happened when Alissa turned 40 as she went for a routine mammogram. Unfortunately, it was then that she discovered that she had stage one breast cancer. The diagnosis was even more shocking as Alissa had no family history of the disease and was showing no visible symptoms. In fact, Alissa was lucky that it was detected at all.

Sadly, around one in eight American women develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. But early diagnosis can have a huge impact on the prognosis. So, although the news was heartbreaking, the family remained positive and drew some comfort that it had been discovered early.

7. The Best Support

Statistics show that American women have a greater chance of dying from breast cancer than any other kind of the disease, with the exception of lung cancer. But the good news is that breast cancer death rates have been on the decline over the last 25 years. This is due in part to early detection, improved screening procedures, and greater awareness.

In the months after Alissa’s diagnosis, her family, and friends gathered around her. In fact, Brad posted on Facebook, “It’s time to kick some cancer’s ass. You’ve got this, Alissa!” And over the next six months, Alissa made regular visits to Omaha’s Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center for treatment.