Human Piece Of Trash Tricks Girls Into Sex Using Fake Company

Starring in adult films or posing nude has to be an exhilarating experience. You have to be really secure with your body and your sexuality. But there’s a dark side, and many predators out there.

If you’re looking to get into the business, you should do a little research on your photographers and agents before you shoot. They might turn out to be disgusting con artists like the dirtbag we are about to meet.

10. The Human Piece of Garbage

Mario Ambrose Antoine is a 33-year-old photographer from Raymore, Kansas, near Kansas City, Missouri. Like many photographers, Antoine has marketed his skills to couples in order to capture photos of their wedding day. It’s a respectable business that can lead to a lot of repeat customers through referrals.

9. The Wedding Scam

In order to earn referrals, your photos should be creative, diverse, and clear. You should probably also send copies of the photos to your customers. Antoine thought it was a good idea to take the photos and scam his customers out of their money. The sleazeball thought it was such a good idea, he moved to another con in #8.

8. Setting The System Up

In August 2011, Antoine created a few online social media profiles claiming he owned a few big name photography companies. He posed as a talent agent and videographer for the companies “Playboy Asia,” “Playboy Worldwide,” and “Dash Agency.” Next, he decided to hold auditions promising dozens of women modeling jobs.

7. Casting Call

Among those modeling jobs included nude photography and pornographic videos. All Antoine had to do was sit and wait for unsuspecting women to contact him looking for jobs. Apparently, women in Kansas City are desperate for this line of work. Mario made a stipulation with the prospective porn stars in #6.

6. The Fake Audition

In order for the women to earn modeling gigs and parts in his pornos, they would have to go through an audition with Antoine. That audition included making the women strip down and pose for the pervert. Not only that, the poor girls were forced to have sex with this dirt bag.

5. Not Ready For My Close Up

Antoine also took his creepiness a step further. He videotaped all of his encounters. He promised the girls tens of thousands of dollars for their efforts in the movie. Like his wedding photography business, he had no intention of ever paying the girls. Find out the unbelievable lengths Antoine went in #4.

4. Outrageous Lengths

The scumbag went to incredible lengths to pass himself off as a legitimate business. He created fake contracts for the girls to sign. He designed company logos and letterheads. He paid them with forged checks and had them fill out bogus IRS forms. The girls had no idea it was a scam.

3. Threatening To Go To The Authorities

The indictment goes into detail about the accounts. In one instance, he told a victim she would be paid $1,000 per photo shoot. Naturally, the woman complained and threatened to go to the authorities once he backed out of the deal. You’re going to want to throw up when you find out what he did next in #2.

2. The Nerve To Blackmail

After the victim complained, Antoine threatened to leak the images and video of their sexual encounter online. He then tried to blackmail the woman for $9,000. If she didn’t pay, she would have to have sex with this disgusting human one more time. Find out what happened to him in #1.

1. Got What He Deserved

In another instance, Antoine sent videos of another sexual encounter to the girl’s boyfriend. The footage came with a message, “She does porn” and alleged the girl made her car payments by starring in his sex films. This disgusting excuse for a human being will spend the next decade behind bars.


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