7 Signs That You Have Chemistry With Someone


Choosing the right partner is one of the most important thing to know to live a happy life. Many people keep fantasizing about the “happily ever after” fairy tales and their prince, but unless you walk into fairyland that’s not going to happen. So if you are asking ‘How to tell if a guy likes me?’, you need to look at the chemistry between you two.

Your relationship needs to have commitment, understanding, love, affection, and the magical ingredient of chemistry. Ask yourself – how good do you feel with your partner? Your chemistry helps you be up close and comfortable with your partner. If you still have doubts about where your relationship stands, then here are a few signs which will help you to realize when you have the chemistry for a person:

1) How comfortable are you with the quiet?
Quiet couple enjoying their time. Do you enjoy yours too?
Quiet couple enjoying their time. Do you enjoy yours too?

Have you ever experienced a situation when you just go talking and the person you are speaking to hasn’t uttered a single word? This results in fear and panic and arises a lot of questions in the brain such as “Am I boring”? If you are highly comfortable with this kind of silence. Then you definitely have the chemistry.

2) Eye to eye
Sometimes, its the look in the eyes that tells it all.
Sometimes, its the look in the eyes that tells it all.

Does he like me? When you look in the eye, not only you get the feelings but also the other person. You can stare at each other irrespective of the time and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, because it means that there is something so strong which you are not able to put across with words.

3) Quite Normal
Sometimes, it really just doesn't matter as to who touches your elbow!
Sometimes, it really just doesn’t matter as to who touches your elbow!

Usually, you would not like it when someone comes into your personal space and will probably like to maintain arm’s distance. But when you are with someone you have chemistry with, then all the touches like elbow touching just go unnoticed because you don’t feel it wrong. Yes, you will get the answer to your question of ‘does he like me?‘.


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