How Do You Know If Your Babysitter Is A Monster? What This Dog Did Said It All


When it comes to childcare, people rightfully do a ton of research before selecting who they let look after their kids. You don’t want to simply leave your child in the care of just anyone, after all. For the most part, babysitters are good people trying to make an honest living, but there are some that are just awful. The worst part is that it can be hard to identify whether a babysitter is completely normal or a monster, as you’re about to discover. As this family will show you, sometimes the best defense against a psychotic babysitter is a reliable family pet.

#12 Needed a Sitter


When Hope and Benjamin Jordan moved to South Carolina, it was a big change for them. They moved for work, and as a result, knew they needed a daycare or babysitter for their son, Finn. They were immediately on the hunt for a good babysitter who could help them care for their toddler.

#11 Not an Easy Choice


Like we said up top, locating and selecting a babysitter for your child is never an easy job. Parents worry a lot (and rightfully so) about their children receiving the best care possible. As a result, they spent a ton of time looking for the right person to look after their child. This can lead to compromises …

#10 They Found Their Sitter


After a long search, the Jordans finally found a caregiver that fit well into the family dynamic. They were relieved to find 22-year old Alexis Khan, and took a liking to her almost immediately. After she passed all of the necessary background checks, she was then hired to look after Finn. Things seemed okay at first …

#9 No Red Flags


If there were any doubts about Khan’s background or her ability to do the job, the Jordans would have never, ever hired her. But the family said that she passed everything with flying colors and had numerous different babysitting jobs in the past, so she looked to be a great option for them. In just a few months, everything would change.

#8 Killian is Not Happy


Five months into the arrangement, some red flags started to pop up. The Jordan family also had a dog (named Killian) that also kept Alexis company when she was watching Finn. Every day once the parents returned from work, Killian wasn’t his usual happy, chipper self, and the Jordans started to notice some behavior changes.

#7 An Attitude Change in Killian


For the most part, Killian was a very calm and relaxed dog with everyone that he came across for as long as the Jordans had him. But over time, his behavior began to change drastically. In particular, the dog began to grow very protective of Finn, especially around the babysitter when she was present.

#6 The Investigation Begins


And soon, the parents began taking notice of the strange behavior of their dog. There were even times when they had to physically restrain Killian from attacking Khan. This behavior was so unlike Killian that the Jordans began to investigate what was up and what could possibly be making their beloved family dog so agitated.

#5 Spying


There was obviously something about Khan that was really agitating the family dog. Determined to find out what the cause could be, the Jordans decided to put an iPhone underneath the couch. The device was set up to secretly record everything that was going on at the house while they were gone.

#4 First Awful Discovery


The next day, the Jordans were curious about what they were going to find on the recording. They were obviously expecting proof that Khan was being hostile or aggressive towards Killian, which would explain his weird behavior. But unfortunately, what they found out was much worse, and is something they would have never imagined.

#3 Things Get Worse


When the Jordans first listened to the recordings, they were simply horrified by what they were hearing. First, Khan could be heard not only scolding Finn, but also shouting expletives at him and telling him to shut up numerous times. Things only escalated from there as the Jordans continued to listen to their spy tape.

#2 Inexcusable Behavior


As the recording continued, they heard more of the same, and then began to hear their son crying. He was first crying out of distress but then began to cry harder, as though he was in pain. Then the parents heard the horrific sounds of Khan slapping their child. Needless to say, they were infuriated.

#1 Throw Her in Jail


The Jordans took Finn to the hospital, and thankfully he showed no injuries. Still, the Jordans were mortified. They went to the authorities who questioned Khan. She admitted what she had done, and was jailed for three years. Luckily, she will never be able to work with children ever again.

So as you can see, dogs often exhibit more intelligence than we give them credit for. Time and time again, dogs save their owners from certain disaster and do other things that show they definitely are smart and have some emotional intelligence to boot as well. If it wasn’t for Killian acting strange and helping alert the parents of this terrible babysitter, who knows what could have potentially happened? You could also take this as a cautionary tale about people who trust babysitters to take care of their children. The fact that anyone who is tasked with looking after children could be this terrible is truly heartbreaking and disappointing.


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