These Hilarious Sexting Fails Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

With technology taking over the world, sexting has become a part of life for millions of people. There’s nothing like looking down at your phone and seeing a hot message from the person you love—except sometimes, the message isn’t as hot as you want it to be.

Check out these 15 incredible sexting fails. #11 will make you cringe!

15. “Wii” Are Serious?


If this was supposed to be legitimate sexy talk, there are no words. Have fun playing your video games, bro. I’m going to go ahead and lose your number.

14. Romance At Its Finest


Get a load of this guy, will ya? You’ve got to give it to him, he’s pretty clever. He may have ruined the mood, but he’s funny.

13. Who Is This?


So, if he’s texting these things without knowing who he’s actually texting… who else is he texting? Maybe it’s best not to ask questions.

12. Who Doesn’t Love Kitties?


One small autocorrect has the power to change the entire conversation. We can’t help but wonder if he ended up heading over for a kitty playdate.

But you won’t actually believe this next one…

11. Dear Mom, Please Stop Talking


It’s one thing to accidentally send this text to your son (how does that even happen?) But this mom’s follow-up comment was just way too much.

10. Cheesecake Anyone?


For starters, the pie comment was a little out there. Getting freaky with cheesecake was another strange turn. But “moo”? Someone tell me that I’m being punked.

9. Literally Talking Dirty


Maybe talking dirty means something different to different people. After all, mud is a dirty word, isn’t it? Maybe someone just wasn’t in the mood.

8. Burn!


His comment was kind of cheeky. But her comment wins by a mile. Hopefully his feelings weren’t too hurt.

And now we go from slick jokes to not-so-slick grammar.

7. Wanna Baby?


This is either the type of conversation they need to have in person or someone needs to learn how to grammar. “Want a” and “want to” are not the same things.

6. Creative Code


This is some pretty interesting sext role-playing. However, this guy lost us at the penis drawn with symbols. That just makes him look like an amateur.

5. Making Lemonade


This guy clearly doesn’t care that he has been forgotten. In fact, he wants to be forgotten again. If that gets him laid, so be it.

4. Good Feeling Is Gone


Well, she got the finger part right—sort of. Note to self: Don’t send any porn videos in which a ring is visible.

And this next guy? Well, he got life right…

3. Don’t Forget The D


Either he meant to leave out the “d” or he has the most epic comebacks ever. Either way, we’re sure she got the “d” she was looking for.

2. Keeping It Real


There is nothing like honesty in a relationship, even if it’s at the most inopportune time ever.

There’s also never an opportune time to use the word in the next convo…

1. Peepee FTW


Perhaps the very best part of this text exchange is that the female thought the problem was with the word “me.” Head meet desk. Oy.


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