Hilarious Post-Sex Selfies That Are Full Of Regret

We’re not entirely sure where this trend of taking a selfie after a roll in the hay originated from, but it’s usually awkward at best and disturbing at worst. Today we’re going to look at the former — those hallowed post-sex selfies that are the stuff of legend, and contain a level of awkwardness and regret that the internet will never forget.

Let’s get started with a pretty bizarre one …

9. Smile Through The Pain


It’s pretty hard to not laugh at a snapshot this awkward. Click through the slides for some post-sex pics that are downright hilarious…

8. Be A Doll


Everybody needs some love every now and then. Some people just have slightly ‘different’ personal preferences. Embarrassing as it may be, to each his own.

7. Killing Me Softly


Considering how often rappers reference their sexual prowess putting their partners to sleep, this person might want to consider a future in the hip-hop business.

6. A Lose-Lose Scenario


Forgetting the name of last night’s partner is embarrassing, but being ousted as the dude that won’t leave might be worse.

Read on for some snaps that are even more regretful…

5. The Face Of Regret


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and for a woman of such few words, she is certainly getting the message across here.

4. Thanks, Captain Obvious


It would go without saying that this looks like a pair that has just done the deed. The unexplained part? This guy’s facial expression.

3. My Best Friend’s Girl


Yikes! At least this guy seemed to realize how badly he messed up pretty quickly.

Check out a similarly cringeworthy snap on the next slide…

2. Pinned


Waking up under the full weight of a grown man can be uncomfortable even with someone you love, let alone someone you only met yesterday.

1. Getting To Know You


If you’re going to wake up next to someone you don’t recognize, at least you can get to know them a little bit while they sleep.


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