Hilarious Pinterest Baby Photoshoot Fails That Will Drive You Insane

Pinterest has grown to become a go-to place for anything inspiring. From DIY crafts, beauty, recipes, home hacks you name it it’s all there. It’s full of gems to be discovered. And if you’re into photography or specifically infant photography you could also find tons of inspiration for that. Like cuddly babies cozily wrapped in a blanket or something more fun like babies dressed up in adorable costumes. It looks easy to do but when amateurs tried to recreate it, they might have forgotten that a professional was hired. But despite the flop, we could enjoy laughing out loud at these Hilarious Pinterest Baby Photoshoot Fails That Will Drive You Insane. Hashtag expectation vs reality. Hopefully, the grandparents won’t have a heart attack when they see these.

12. Hold the Kissesbaby kisses fail photoshoot

As much as we would like to smother our yummy babies with kisses all over and leave kiss marks sometimes our babies just don’t enjoy them as much as we do. Just like this baby who was murdered with kisses all over. He probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed but the parents still insisted. Now he’s letting everybody know that this wasn’t a fun idea.

11. Yummy Christmasbaby photoshoot fail 2

It looks like these two babies are having the time of their life sucking on the Christmas decors. They still couldn’t appreciate what Christmas is so they’d rather nibble on the decorations and have their own definition of fun. Hopefully, baby munching on the lights won’t toast her mouth.

10. Spit Galorebaby spit photoshoot fail

This baby may look warm and cozy but it looks like she has other things in mind. Lik spitting up some milk. She may be too anxious to be in front of the camera that it made her tummy upset. Well, now we know she’s not having any milk before her photo shoot.

9. Gumball Schum-ballbaby gumballs fail photoshoot

When we think about nice things it’s often about babies and something sweet. Because who doesn’t like sweets and candies, right? We’re not sure if the baby is crying because of the gumballs or she feels cramped up in that glass container. We’re just hoping everything is free from wee and poo. That would have been a waste of gum balls.

8. Mad Baby


mad baby 2 photoshoot fail

It looks like someone is having a bad day. This baby is definitely going to explode anytime soon. His face looks like a grumpy old man who needs to be attended to asap, or else. Or maybe he’s not happy that he doesn’t have the same blanky as the Pinterest photo?

7. Family Photo Fail
family photo fail

Look, he says you need to count to three before taking the photo. He’s not ready and his face is all mush. Is that too much to ask? He just wants to look cute for his first family portrait.

6. Watermelon Babywatermelon baby photoshoot fail

Look, man, this watermelon is icky and uncomfortable. Whoever told you that watermelon would make a comfy bed? Haven’t you heard of photoshop? I have some things better to do than lie around in a watermelon and have an amateur take my photo.

5. Lights Outbaby lights photoshoot fail

If the previous photo showed a baby enjoying munching on the lights, this one is a different story. He’s probably smarter and knows that it’s not safe to play with these. C’mon mom, are you serious? I might get electrocuted or something.

4. Not So Joyfulfail photoshoot

Where is joy when we need her? These three tots were probably asking the same question? Or they don’t feel joyful sitting on the hard concrete under the heat of the sun. We’ll never know.

3. Totally An Amateur
baby photoshoot fail

These parents definitely need to hire a professional. Just look at that poor baby struggling to breathe through those furs. He’s obviously not happy and is going to tell grandma about it. Get ready parents!

2. The Struggle Is Realbaby photo fail

These darn parents won’t quit! Can’t they see I can barely move on this darn thing! I can’t wait till I’m 18 and get my freeeeedooooooom! Plus I so deserve a sports car for this torture.

1. Nature Calling

baby pooping

This is the best photo ever. Don’t you agree? We just love how baby smirks as he projectiles his watery poop on his dad. It’s nature calling. And dad was surprisingly cool about that. We all know that most dads freak at just the smell of poop. Way to go, dad!

We can’t help but feel all warm and smile (or laugh out loud) at these photo shoot fails. The parents are just lucky that these little ones can’t reason out from some of these insanities, or else. But we know that they will get it from grandma and grandpa when and if they find out. We just hope that next time these parents will hire a professional photographer for the sake of their children.



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