These Hikers Were In The Right Place At The Right Time To Save A Life


fotorcreatedWhen we go on hikes, it’s to get away from the grind and enjoy the natural world that surrounds us. The forest is generally quiet with only the sounds of the wind whispering through the trees and the pitter patter of the occasional squirrel climbing up a branch.

For these Australian hikers, this time was extraordinarily different. While they just thought they were going on a relaxing, meditative walk through the woods, what happened to them was far from it.

Read on to see what they discovered on their journey and why they were almost brought to tears in the middle of the woods. It’s an amazing, unexpected story that will stick with you all day.


12. An Innocent Trip

001-12-an-innocent-trip-881979A man, his wife, and his father decided to go out and find a secluded spot to hike in Mount Glorious National Park in the D’Aguilar Range northwest of Brisbane City in Austrailia. Their goal was to find rock pools, but what they found instead completely blew them away.
11. What Is That?!

002-11-what-is-that-881504Suddenly in their journey, they stumbled upon a spot in the stream that seemed to move in a way that regular creeks don’t move. As they hiked closer they realized that they weren’t looking at plain old rocks in a creek. In fact, it was a little, brown puppy!

10. What Should We Do Now?

003-10-what-should-we-do-now-881507The hikers realized that the poor dog was exhausted from struggling to get out of the creek and cold from all the moving water around him. What should they do? Would it attack if they tried to help? They can’t just leave him to die there on his own, they had to do something.

9. Success!

004-9-success-881556After forming a plan, the group wrapped a rope the dog’s shoulders while another person held a big stick ready to defend his family if necessary. Together they pulled the puppy out of the muddy creek and onto the shore. They saw that it was a she and was very gentle. They figured that she belonged to someone and had to get her home.

8. Miss Piggy

005-8-miss-piggy-881587The hikers named the pup Miss Piggy because she ended up being much bigger than they first thought. Before they could take Miss Piggy home, they needed to make sure the dog felt comfortable with them so they started to slowly come closer to her. After a while, the puppy responded to their efforts with licks and the hikers knew that their plan was working.
7.Carry On

006-7-carry-on-881602The hikers tied their rope around Miss Piggy, knowing that she didn’t have the strength to walk back on her own. Instead of going backwards through the dangerous path they took, they decided an easier route would be best. After looking around, the hikers found a path to trek back on and carried the tired puppy in their arms.

6. Onto Something Else

007-6-onto-something-else-881638The poor, exhausted pup didn’t follow their plan exactly. She fought as they tried to carry her back up the path and eventually struggled out of the harness they made for her out of their climbing ropes. She tried to get away but was so tired that she didn’t get very far.

5. Plan B

008-5-plan-b-881651Here is poor Miss Piggy waiting for the hikers to find another way home. She was pretty anxious and upset after struggling to get free and it took a while to help her calm down. The hikers took turns petting her and talking softly until she finally relaxed and laid down on the woman’s legs. The new plan involved carrying Miss Piggy home in a bag.

4. Here We Go Again

009-4-here-we-go-again-881721After the husband hiking the 15 minutes it took to get back to the car to get a big bag and then the 15 minutes it took to come back, they were ready to set off as a group again. Miss Piggy was a heavy dog and it was quite a job hoisting her up and carrying her safely.

3. Resourceful Hikers

010-3-resourceful-hikers-881816These hikers came up with a great idea to help them carry the heavy pup back to safety. Instead of struggling on their own to keep her from dragging on the ground or accidentally dropping her, they found a big, sturdy branch to loop the bag through. Now they could easily carry her up the path.

2. On The Road Again

011-2-on-the-road-again-881851Finally, the hikers reached their car. Though they were nervous about what she would do once she was out of the bag, they let her go and Miss Piggy happily jumped in the car. They could tell she was hungry and needed to rest so they took her back to their home where they posted on Facebook about the lost dog.

1. Reunited

012-1-reunited-881842Only a half hour after they posted on Facebook, the hikers got a message. Her owner lived close and had been searching everywhere for her. Evidently, her name was Bob (short for “Elly Bobby”) and had been missing for a month. The hikers made sure the man was really her owner and reunited the pup with her human.

These hikers set off on a hike to find rock pools not knowing that they would help change the lives of a sweet puppy and sad her owner. Not only did they give the poor, tired puppy another chance at life by helping her out of the creek and nursing her back to health, they also gave her desperate owner the best gift he could receive by reuniting him with his pup.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that lead to big things. All we need to do is keep our eyes open and take the opportunities as they come.