Hero Dog Saves Baby From Dumpster Story Might Be Fake News

FotorCreatedWho doesn’t love a story of heroism? What about a story of heroism involving man’s best friend? That is an effective way to draw the attention of the international community; numerous cultures around the world value dogs as an extension of their family. What could make for a better feel good story?

If that dog saves a helpless baby from a dumpster, then you have a story that will trend like crazy and warm the hearts of millions. Yet, the incredible story has raised some concern, as its details don’t totally add up. Are the pictures associated with the story real? Where did this even take place?

Did this amazing story happen at all?

10. Who Would Be So Heartless?

001-who-would-be-so-heartless--43e7923c1075a9024cfb0dd739f21024This story begins with a family that was willing to throw a young infant into a dumpster. Even in the worst economic situations, it takes a selfish individual to simply not care about the life of a newly born child. However, it would seem that is preciously what did indeed happen.

9. The Heroic Rescue

002-the-heroic-rescue-1057372This is where the story gets interesting. Allegedly, soon after the baby was abandoned in a dumpster, a heroic dog came to the rescue. Whether the dog heard a sound, often frequented the dumpster, or witnessed the baby being left, the canine was quick to spring into action. Evidently, the dog would gently pick up the child and begin to take it to safety.

8. A Gentle Travel

003-a-gentle-travel-1057429According to accounts, the dog carried the child to the closest house. The dog then lay the child down. According to one source, the inhabitants of the home immediately took the child to a hospital. If this is indeed accurate, the dog showed more care and compassion than many humans would have.

7. The Status Of The Child

004-the-status-of-the-child-71177163f99b1b9333254628d5f4754aOnce at a hospital, doctors were able to treat the infant to stable condition. After several days, they announced the child was healthy and expected to live without any complications from the incident. A referenced report states the dog who rescued the child is being called “an angel sent from the heavens.”

6. Searching For Parents

005-searching-for-parents-1057521At last word, local authorities were beginning to search for the young boy’s parents. Could the child have been kidnapped? Did his parents indeed abandon him in the dumpster? Unfortunately, since the story broke in November 2015, there has not been an update on this case in any form, which raises questions.

5. Oman or Brazil?

006-oman-or-brazil--0090a6bb45231964b67b093a99aea50bConflicting reports on where this story took place have confused many on the internet. One source explained that the story took place in the city of  Campinas, Brazil. Another claims that the entire thing went down in Kharbika, Oman, where a man on a bike found the dog gently carrying the infant.

4. Perhaps Saudi Arabia?

007-perhaps-saudi-arabia--fe870716bf3646f118053502c5488234The most common story is that the events took place in Saudia Arabia. A popular Saudi publication ran the story, pictures, and stated a dog brought the newborn boy to a nearby house. Unfortunately, the pictures associated with the story do not provide any clues. Even the Saudi publication stated it could have taken place in another country.

3. Snopes Weighs In

008-snopes-weighs-in-e4592e3f64613aa08f93cee8791e7936The popular website Snopes, known for covering internet rumors, conspiracies, hoaxes, and urban legends, found it difficult to investigate the story. There seems to be no way for the website to authenticate the pictures of the dog carrying the infant or for them to find where exactly the events took place. Did they have enough to make a definitive ruling on this story?

2. Is This Story Fact or Fantasy?

009-is-this-story-fact-or-fantasy--e68d1c0558e397b41f8a73f26a189fc6Snopes has left their ruling as “undetermined” stating that the backstory, location, nor the time these events were said to take place can be proven or disproven at this time. The fact the story seemingly disappeared soon after going viral raises more questions than answers at this point. We could possibly never have the real answer.

1. What To Make Of This

010-what-to-make-of-this-1057734If this is indeed a story of a true event, why hasn’t there been an update on the health of the little boy? If it’s a false story, websites would have the incentive of increasing traffic by spreading a fake viral story. There are numerous angles to consider on both sides.

There you have it, the complete breakdown of this story as it stands today. Either we have another story of an incredible animal saving the life of a human, or we have one of the most elusive fake news stories to hit the internet in the past few years. There are rational reasons to believe and disbelieve this story.

It’s impossible to give a definitive answer at this point, yet as time passes without an update, the chances of the story being a fake increase. It would be nice for this tale of a heroic dog to be true. Beats the alternative of someone using an uplifting story to generate website traffic.


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