Here’s How Women Turn Men Off—It’s Surprising, But Do We Care?

Women are the essence of beauty and grace, right? Well, not always. A few Reddit users recently decided to strike up a conversation about things their women do that make them cringe.

Here are the top complaints men have about the fairer sex. Do any of your traits make the list?

9. Time To Unplug


According to Reddit users, there is nothing as unsexy as a woman who lives on her social media accounts. The endless provocative selfies on Instagram and the infinite streams of posts on Facebook can wait.

Unplug once in a while!

8. The Green Monster


Jealousy is a natural emotion, albeit an often unhealthy one. However, trying to force that emotion is a big no-no, according to most guys. Don’t do things on purpose just to spark this feeling from your beau. It’s just not cool.

How many of us ladies are guilty of this next complaint?

7. The Sexiest Organ


Believe it or not, men enjoy intelligent women. According to the comments appearing on the Reddit post, plenty of guys can’t stand when a woman acts dumb just to get attention. If you’re smart, show it.

This isn’t the only acting women do that drive men nuts… keep reading to find out more!

6. Mirror, Mirror


Ladies, it’s great that you love yourself for who you are. That’s fantastic, you absolutely should!

But there is a limit of acceptable self-centeredness. Stop admiring yourself so much and allow your other half to have the chance to appreciate your awesomeness.

5. Damsel In Distress… A Lot

Renfaire Gal

While men like to feel needed once in a while, a woman who can handle her own stuff is much hotter. After all, they want to be our partners, not our parents.

4. Things Go Both Ways


According to Reddit users, nothing is a bigger turnoff to a man than lack of reciprocation. If your man is always telling you that you look good, give it back.

Men like a little attention, too.

3. Broaden Your Horizons

Absrd Comedy

Our society has no place for narrow-mindedness, and trust us, men don’t like it. If a guy was digging you before, once you display a hint of narrow-mindedness, you’re likely to get a cold shoulder.

2. Bite Thy Tongue

Psychology Today

Venting to your other half is a prerequisite for any healthy relationship—but once everything that comes out of your mouth is a complaint, you’re walking a thin line. Constant complainers are a big turn off for most men!

1. Grab Him By The…


Men love sex—that’s no secret by any means.

However, they don’t enjoy always having to be the initiator. Nothing drains a man’s interest faster than always having to provoke sex. Make sure you show interest in your beau by getting a little aggressive. If you want it, show him!


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