Here’s Why This New Japanese Sweater Is Called The Virgin Killer

Japan is known to be the birthplace of some of the craziest and most unique fashion that the world can offer. The latest piece of clothing to come from this nation is exceptionally risqué—and people around the world are going crazy over it.

You won’t believe how revealing this sweater is, and the look in photo #5 will have you doing a double-take!

10. Japan Is Known For Its Unique Culture


Tokyo is the hub of all things entertainment as well as the latest fashion trends. From flashing advertisements to colorful window displays, this city literally has it all—and more.

9. Iconic Fashion Is Nothing New Here

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From formal to streetwear, Japan never disappoints when it comes to the newest trends. Designers aren’t afraid to push the limits—check out the shocking style in photo #3 for proof!

8. Their Latest Style Is A Little Less Modest

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Japanese apparel for women can range from colorful and cute to sleek and sophisticated. The latest sweater is something that is so revealing and sexy that it has been named something very fitting!

7. The Virgin Killer Sweater Is All The Rage

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This sweater gets its name from its obvious sex appeal. With cut out sides and a bare back, this latest Japanese trend is sure to catch your attention. You won’t believe the view in photo #2!

6. This Sweater Is A Hot Commodity


Made from wool that is designed to be form-fitting to a woman’s body, the virgin killer sweater definitely heats things up a bit. People everyone are going crazy over this sensual design!

5. Women Are Encouraged To Leave Their Bras Behind

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The cut-out design is meant to show some serious sideboob, and women everywhere are enjoying being able to wear this comfortable sweater without undergarment restrictions. The results are rather revealing!

4. This Sensual Sweater Is Quite Versatile

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Although some women choose to wear it as a shirt over pants, other daring ladies are choosing to lose their bottoms and wear the sweater as a dress. These ladies don’t mind showing some skin—check out photo #1 to see for yourself!

3. The Open Back Is Really Risqué

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Women are almost exposing their entire backsides in this version of the virgin killer sweater. It’s not surprising that this revealing trend is popping up around the world!

2. Women Across The Globe Are Joining In

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The Japanese have really started quite the tantalizing trend. Ladies all over the world are dying to try this sweater on, and the next slide shows they aren’t being shy about it!

1. The Virgin Killer Sweater Is Definitely Making Waves


This sweater definitely turned the world of fashion on its head, and women can’t wait to bare all in complete style. Thankfully, we can count on Japan when it comes to creating some really risqué trends!


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