Here’s How Long Sex Lasts For The Average Person. How Do You Match Up?

How long does sex last for you? It probably varies based on a bunch of different factors, but you could likely figure out an average time span based on your experience.

What about the average length of sex for couples in general? Sex Toy company Love Honey set out to uncover exactly that. Here’s a look at their findings, as well as other facts about sex you may not have known.

10. For Heterosexual Couples


According to a survey of 4,000 customers conducted by Love Honey, the average sex session for a heterosexual couple only lasts for 19 minutes. But is that 19 minutes of nonstop, intense lovemaking, or is there more to the story?

Well, it’s actually a combination of different factors…

9. Foreplay Plays A Big Part


It might make you feel a bit better about your own sexual prowess to know that the 19-minute average isn’t entirely intercourse. More than 50% of that time—ten minutes, to be precise—is made up of foreplay.

An added bonus of spending extra time on foreplay? Sex therapist Ian Kerner says “The more outercourse you engage in… the higher your level of arousal.”

8. Intercourse, The Star Of The Show

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The other nine minutes are made up of intercourse. Although this still might seem like a long time for some, it’s definitely a worthwhile goal to strive for if you’re not currently hitting that number.

Why’s that? A 2008 study found that sex lasting anywhere between three to seven minutes was described as “adequate,” possibly the worst word that could ever be associated with sex.

7. Are 19 Minutes Really Enough?

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At this point, you may be thinking that 19 minutes seem like longer than the average sex session that you’re used to. You wouldn’t be wrong to think that. Compared to other recent studies, the respondents from Love Honey’s survey definitely seemed to be spending longer in the bedroom than other couples.

Possibly because the couples in this study are customers of a sex toy retailer, and therefore, just a bit more sexually enlightened.

6. Should It Last Even Longer?

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On the flip side of the coin, maybe you’re thinking that 19 minutes of passion doesn’t seem long enough. How did the couples in the study feel about the length of their lovemaking? 52% of the couples who were surveyed were happy with the numbers.

A smaller percentage of over-achievers—23% percent of men and 19% of women—said that it wasn’t long enough.

5. What Have Other Studies Shown?


Based on the results of some other recent studies, the couples surveyed by Love Honey definitely seemed to be doing something right. A 2008 study found that seven to 13 minutes were “desirable.” Meanwhile, a 2016 study from the University of Queensland found the average couple clocking in at 5.4 minutes, although this didn’t include foreplay.

There’s another surprising finding from the University of Queensland’s study

4. Things Didn’t Affect The Duration Of Sex


Dr. Brendan Zietsch, the doctor responsible for the University of Queensland study, had another interesting discovery regarding the duration of sex. He found that neither condom use, nor circumcision, nor country of origin affected the overall length of a couple’s sex session. The only exception to this? Surprisingly, couples from Turkey had a significantly shorter length of intercourse than anywhere else.

Next up is one more important factor that determines the length of intercourse…

3. Age Plays An Important Role

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It’s pretty common for people to slow down a bit as they get older, right? Dr. Zietsch managed to confirm this, in a way, during his research with the University of Queensland. He found that the older the couple was, the shorter the length of their sexual intercourse was.

2. Mind The Gap

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The reason that the Love Honey survey was conducted in the first place is actually quite interesting. The study was a part of a Love Honey campaign called Mind The Gap, which was designed to help couples have shared orgasms.

57% of men consider a shared orgasm to be the peak sexual experience, while only 46% of women feel the same.

1. Closing The Gap


Since a shared orgasm can be a powerful way for couples to enhance their overall sexual experience, it definitely deserves extra attention. Since guys tend to have the odds stacked in their favor in terms of achieving an orgasm, they can do their part to help balance the odds.

One tip comes from sex expert Jess Wilde, who says that guys just need to “hit exactly the right spot to stimulate the G-spot during penetration.” Maybe extra attention to foreplay will help more couples find a way to go above and beyond the 19-minute average?


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