Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Shower For Two Days


Most of us take it for granted that we have access to hot water and soap to scrub down whenever we feel like it. In fact, some of us even try to go a few days between showers. Might as well stretch out the clean right? Maybe not.

The thing is, showering serves the purpose of keeping your body healthy in addition to just looking and smelling nice.

Read on for a few totally weird things that happen when you don’t shower for two days. In fact, we bet #3 will make you rush to the shower right away, just to be safe.

7. Germ City

When you don’t shower for a few days, the germs and bacteria on your skin start to multiply. Humans tend to carry around something like 1,000 types of bacteria at all times, which includes things like fungus. Not all bacteria washes away in the shower, but soap does a pretty good job at attacking the nasty types.

6. You Can Get Infections

The longer you go without a shower, the more bacteria there is growing on your skin. Not all bacteria is bad, but plenty of it is. When you let the bad kind hang out for too long, it can creep into open follicles or wounds and cause some pretty nasty infections.

5. Bring On The Pimples

When you’re not showering sweat and dirt off the skin, you’re also not sloughing away dead skin cells. A buildup of oil and bacteria under dead skin cells is exactly what causes a pimple. All that junk gets caught under the extra layers of skin and without fresh oxygen, the bacteria throws a party. A pimple party.

4. You Will Smell

It’s not actually your sweat that smells, it’s the reaction that occurs when you mix sweat with all that bacteria you’ve got growing on your skin. So the cleaner your skin is, the less likely that your sweat is going to become offensive. You probably sweat more than you think.

3. You Can Get Crusty

Okay, it’s going to take more than a couple days to develop the crusts of dirt on your skin known as dermatitis neglecta…but do you really want to risk it? The condition occurs when dirt and sweat just start caking on and forming a crust. Quick, hop in the shower!

2. You Might Get Sick

In addition to causing skin infections, having an excess of bacteria on your body also makes it more likely that you get sick. The bacteria can find its way into your eyes, nose, or mouth and then go to town on your internals. You might not think that you touch those parts of your face very often, but you do.

1. You Can Get Rashes

In addition to causing breakouts on the skin, skipping the shower can also lead to rashes and exacerbate any pre-existing skin conditions you might have. Have a tad bit of eczema? Not washing the skin can cause a flare up. You can even get small lacerations on the skin when you skip the shower and then workout in your tight fitness gear.

Who knew that all of this gross stuff could start happening in as little as two days? Sounds like daily showers are the way to go. The only exception to the washing rule is your hair, which unlike the rest of the body can actually benefit from a skipped cleaning here and there (hair actually likes oil).

Otherwise, soaping up and rinsing off is the best way to keep that skin clean and healthy.

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