Here’s What All Girls Secretly Do When They’re Naked

Let’s face it: Girls can be weird. When they are alone and naked, they can be even weirder. Here are 10 things that just about all girls do when they are naked, many of which may surprise you.

Like #3. They all do it, even if it doesn’t make much sense to you…

10. Find And Pop Various Blackheads & Zits

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There is no better time to pop zits than after a shower. Girls will stand naked in the mirror and try to find all kinds of things to pop.

9. Take Selfies


Even if they have no intention of sending their naked selfies to anyone, they will take them. From all different angles. Because why the hell not?

8. Look For Stray Hairs On Their Bikini Line


Most girls will spend a decent amount of time looking for stray hairs on their bikini line—even if it’s the dead of winter.

And they look for hairs in #7 too…

7. Investigate Their Belly Buttons

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They will clean their belly buttons, try to smell their belly buttons, and just play with their belly buttons for several minutes at a time.

6. Double Check That Their Tampon Is Still In


Girls wearing a tampon will always double check to see if the string is visible. They also make sure their tampon is in all the way—and that it’s still there.

Then it’s on to the dance party…

5. Dance In Front Of The Mirror


Girls take every opportunity to dance naked in front of the mirror, just to see what they look like.

And then they turn around to check out the junk in their trunk…

4. Check Out Their Butts

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Girls will size up their butts in the mirror, checking to see how it looks while they are naked. Some will even do squats to firm it up, right then and there.

3. They Push Their Bellies Out To See What They’ll Look Like Pregnant

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Girls will stand sideways in front of the mirror and push their bellies out to imagine what they’d look like pregnant. It’s motherly instinct, or something.

And then they push their boobs together…

2. They Push Their Boobs Together To Get Cleavage

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Most girls don’t have a perfect pair of perky breasts, so they move them around and see how much cleavage they can give themselves.

1. They Look At Their Vaginas Using A Hand Mirror


Some girls are just plain curious about what things look like down there. From time to time, they take a good look with a hand mirror to check things out.


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