Here Are 18 Hidden Secrets in Disney Movies That You Missed


FeaturedDisneyThroughout the years, Disney has put out some amazing and groundbreaking films. Films that we all have likely seen dozens of times. But despite us watching these films numerous times, I guarantee there are still things in them that you missed. But Disney didn’t put these things in to be found, no, they put them in to be hidden little secrets. Think of them as being little visual easter eggs and you really have to look to find them. Don’t believe me? Read on and find out some amazing hidden secrets from your favorite Disney movies that you thought you knew.

#18 Flynn Rider and Rapunzel Attending Elsa’s Coronation

001--18-flynn-rider-and-rapunzel-attending-e-205955While this one isn’t really hidden, there is a very good chance you didn’t catch it your first few times watching. Here you can clearly see Flynn Rider and Rapunzel going to Elsa’s coronation. These also weren’t the last two Disney characters to be seen at her coronation, check out number 10 to see two more!
#17 Tangled Characters Showing up in Wreck-It Ralph

002--17-tangled-characters-showing-up-in-wre-206003Now this one would be incredibly hard to catch, so I don’t blame you for not seeing it. In fact, you could easily watch the scene and not even notice Vladimir and Maximus from tangled share the screen at the same time along with a slew of other characters. You may recognize this popular Disney character in this next easter egg…

#16 Mickey Mouse Cameo in the Goofy Movie

003--16-mickey-mouse-cameo-in-the-goofy-movi-206337Of all the famous characters in the history of Disney, there is but one original. Even though Mickey Mouse is the first and biggest star of the Disney universe, they are still able to hide him in some scenes without people knowing. Thankfully, someone was able to pause The Goofy Movie and realize that Mickey Mouse appears in the crowd.

#15 Dog Appears in Both 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp

004--15-dog-appears-in-both-101-dalmatians-a-206131And it’s not only humans that seem to cross over from world to world in the Disney universe, it can also be dogs too! Jock was one of the main characters in Lady and the Tramp film, but here we can see him helping the puppies in 101 Dalmatians. You will undoubtedly rewatch this movie after seeing this next Disney secret…

#14 Kermit the Frog in the Little Mermaid

005--14-kermit-the-frog-in-the-little-mermai-206077Even famous characters that didn’t appear in Disney and Pixar films are included in the secrets. If you look closely in this scene from the Little Mermaid, you will see that Kermit the Frog makes a cameo appearance in the movie.  It’s very hard to tell that is him but Disney has even admitted to the cameo.
#13 Mike Wasowksy Figurine in Frozen

006--13-mike-wasowksy-figurine-in-frozen-205960Monsters Inc. is a true classic and has numerous memorable characters, though, perhaps none is more memorable than Mike Wasowsky. This little green guy with one eye was so loved that Disney even decided to have a small and tiny figurine of him appear on a desk in a scene in Frozen. He also wasn’t the last famous Disney toy to make an appearance in a movie. Check out number 13!

#12 Mulan Appears in Lilo and Stitch

007--12-mulan-appears-in-lilo-and-stitch-206487While the character of Mulan doesn’t make an appearance in the movie, her name in the trademark style certainly does. In this shot of the scenery, we see that there is an Asian restaurant that Lilo and Stitch walk by called Mulan Wok, which is definitely an ode to the film. There’s no way you caught this next Disney hidden easter egg…

#11 Sleeping Beauty’s Spinning Wheel In Tangled

008--11-sleeping-beauty-s-spinning-wheel-in--206611In the past, spinning wheels were fairly common to have so it is no surprise they appear in films that are set in around the same time. But there is no doubting that the famous spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty is the same that appears inside of Rapunzel’s Tower in Tangled. I bet you never noticed this next Disney easter egg…

#10 Pumbaa Appears in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

009--10-pumbaa-appears-in-the-hunchback-of-n-206658While this one has been disputed by some, that is an awfully weird and strange look for a Gargoyle if they weren’t paying homage to one of the silliest Disney characters ever. Pumbaa from The Lion King. As Quasimodo scales the building, we see him go by a gargoyle that looks eerily similar to Pumbaa. We’ll let you be the judge.

#9 Tianna and Naveen Attending Elsa’s Coronation

010--9-tianna-and-naveen-attending-elsa-s-co-205958Apparently, this event was very popular among Disney characters! In addition to the characters from Rapunzel that can be seen there, if you zoom in on a particular scene at the event, you will see these two from The Princess and the Frog also, the world of Disney really is a small one!

#8 Music Box Appears in Beauty and the Beast

011--8-music-box-appears-in-beauty-and-the-b-8b91f5f1d71d29180af20b5e584057e8Not many people know this but a little Music Box was supposed to appear in the original Snow White way back in 1937, as a musical version of Dopey, but it never happened. But they still put the box to good use as it appeared in the attic of the mansion in Beauty and the Beast.

#7 Sid Shows up in Toy Story 3

012--7-sid-shows-up-in-toy-story-3-206708We could never forget Sid, the main villain, and awful child in the legendary first Toy Story film. But in Toy Story 3, Sid makes a return, but as a grown up Garbageman. Disney was sure to put him in his trademark shirt so we would know who he is. Were you able to catch it? I bet you never caught this next one…

#6 Mickey Mouse Doll Appears Hidden in Frozen

013--6-mickey-mouse-doll-appears-hidden-in-f-206044Frozen has been on this list a couple of time, and that is because it is arguably the biggest hit Disney had put out in years and also, it turns out there are lots of hidden secrets to be found. In fact, one of the biggest has to be that a Mickey Mouse doll is hidden in the background of this scene. But not only are famous characters appearing in Frozen, even Frozen characters are appearing elsewhere, like in our final entry!

#5 The China Set From Beauty and the Beast is in Tarzan

014--5-the-china-set-from-beauty-and-the-bea-206806The China set from the Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of the best parts of that film. Disney officials agreed and the set was also included in the movie Tarzan. While they don’t really fit with the decor in the jungle, it is a nice little additional touch by Disney.

#4 Rapunzel Book Appears on Charlotte’s Shelf

015--4-rapunzel-book-appears-on-charotte-s-s-206289Rapunzel is such a good story, that other characters in the Disney universe just have to read about it. This is evident in the Princess and the Frog when we can see the book stacked up in Charlotte’s room. This one is very easy to miss, but when paused and looked at closely, you’ll see it.

#3 Henry Limpet Appears in The Little Mermaid

016--3-henry-limpet-appears-in-the-little-me-206389What we have learned throughout this list is that characters of all kind can make cameos in Disney films. In fact, even Henry Limpet from The Incredible Mr. Limpet shows up in this scene in the Little Mermaid that features him amongst dozens of other fish swimming around beside him. You can definitely tell it is Henry due to the glasses found on his face.

#2 Pongo Appears in Oliver and Company

017--2-pongo-appears-in-oliver-and-company-206381While there were a ton of dogs in 101 Dalmatians, few were as important as Pongo was. But the star didn’t let that success and such get to his head as he also appeared in a guest cameo role in Oliver and Company, with trademark tongue out and all. You probably missed this next one unless you were really paying attention…

#1 Hans Appearing in Big Hero 6

018--1-hans-appearing-in-big-hero-6-206042Big Hero 6 is a film about a team of superheroes, but a certain prince actually makes an appearance. In this scene in a police station, you can see a wanted poster on the wall. And if you give it a closer look, you will see it is actually Hans from Frozen. It seems his evil ways finally caught up to him!

There you have it. Included in this list were some of the most popular movies Disney has ever put out, and even still, there are things included in them that you probably never caught until now. What is cool is that if you knew about them, they are almost impossible to miss when watching the movies another time. Hopefully, this will teach you to pay closer attention while watching movies and maybe you can be one of the first ones to catch these hidden secrets in the next Disney movie you see and you can be the one telling your friends about it.