Here Are 12 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Part Native American



Native Americans were among the first settlers in North America and have resided here ever since. Unfortunately, Native Americans have dealt with some pretty horrific things throughout their history from violence to racism to getting land taken from them. Their heritage is also portrayed in a stereotypical way very frequently, a la the logos for the Indians, Redskins, and Blackhawks. However, that is not an accurate stereotype for everyone of Native American descent. In fact, did you know that many of your favorite celebrities were of Native American descent? Here are 12 of them, with number 7 being one you would never expect.


#12 Jimi Hendrix


Hendrix was a legendary musician and actually had Native American blood on both sides of his family. He and his family always celebrated this heritage and, in fact, when he died, a number of his belongings were sent to National Museum of the American Indians. The next person is also among the most influential musicians of all time.

#11 Elvis Presley

002--11-elvis-presley-f5a9a152f4b6680363ef91640efb33c8The King of Rock ‘n Roll and arguably the most famous rock star in history is Native American. His great-great-great Grandmother was full-blood Cherokee, eventually married a white man, and the rest is history. Presley wanted to know about his family history so bad that he even went and spent some time with Native American tribes.
#10 Jessica Biel


Biel is a successful actress who is part Choctaw Indian on her mother’s side. It is likely that her unique look and high cheekbones come from that heritage. She takes pride in and stands by this Native American heritage. The next person is sometimes criticized for “playing up” their Native American heritage

#9 Johnny Depp



For a while, Depp was among the highest-paid and most popular actors in Hollywood, though his fame has waned in recent years. He comes from an area filled with Native American descendants, and claims his own grandmother has Native American blood. However, there is no direct proof of his ancestry and thus, he is sometimes ridiculed for taking such pride in it. While Depp might look like a rock star, the next celeb on our list really is one!

#8 Anthony Kiedis


The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is not only an amazing musician, he is also part Mohican. He has a very diverse background of ancestry on both sides, and he is proud to include Native American on that list. He has several Mohican-inspired tattoos all over this body to show his pride.