Here Are 12 Amazing Makeup Tips Tha...

Here Are 12 Amazing Makeup Tips That Every Woman Should Know


Everyone needs to change up their beauty routine from time to time. If people keep doing the same things over and over again, it can become stale. This is especially true when it comes to makeup. Nobody likes to always look exactly the same, and changing up how you do your makeup and your routine can be a great way to spice up your look. Whether young or old, all women can benefit from these 12 fantastic and simple makeup tips. Number 9 in particular is amazing and is something you should start doing immediately if you don’t already.

#12 Do Not Test Foundation on Your Face


For some people, testing foundation on your cheeks and face might seem like the right thing to do, but it’s not. Due to a number of factors, your face often isn’t the same color as your body, so by testing on the jawline and blending it, you will see what your best color option is. The next tip also gives you some solid advice on using foundation.

#11 Start in the Center of Your Face


People all have different ways of applying foundation, but this is the one you should always follow. If you start at the forehead or jawline, you will look like you are wearing a mask. The next tip shows you something that you should always have with you in your bag or purse.

#10 Keep Facial Mist With You


Over the day, your skin can get very dry, which is never good for your makeup situation. Alleviate this problem by carrying a facial mist around with you and using it when you need some moisture. Not only will it help keep your skin fresh all day, it will also help to set your makeup.

#9 Utilize Blush


If you are a bit bored with your same old makeup situation, think about adding some blush to your daily routine. It is a great way to add some shine and radiance to your skin. Also, as you age, your skin loses blood vessels in your face and this tip can help you maintain some color, even as you get older.

#8 Contour Your Eyes With Eyeshadow


When it comes to makeup, eyes can always be a problem area. They can show age and wear more than almost anywhere else on the face and have a litany of other issues too. But by contouring your eyes with a light and a dark eyeshadow, it can make your eyes look younger.

#7 Customize Your Nude Lips


When some people wear lip products, they don’t want them to show a lot of color, which is why nude lips are all the rage. If you blend white eyeliner on your lips, this will create a great “nude lips” effect. The next entry is one of the biggest current trends in the industry.

#6 Learn to “Bake”


No, this is not a cooking tip, still a makeup one. Baking is when you coat concealed areas of your face to give yourself a highlighted look. Apply a powder over your thick concealer, let it “bake” for a few minutes, continue with your makeup and then dust to powder it off.

#5 Create Smokey Eyes


Creating solid smokey eyes is not very easy, but this tip makes it so simple that anyone can do it. Use cream eyeshadow on your entire eyelid, and use a fluffy brush to blend into your crease, towards your brow. There you have it, simple and effective smokey eyes that anyone can do.

#4 Create a Natural Glow


Everyone wants that natural glow nowadays, and there are a few different ways to try and get it. The best way to go about applying highlighter for a natural glow is with a fan brush. This is because their bristles are stretchier and thus will spread the product evenly on your face for the perfect glow.

#3 Balance Your Undertones


Sometimes just using normal concealer isn’t enough to hide some of the possible blemishes you may have. Using a green and orange corrector will help tone down the redness and darkness on your face. After putting this on your face, use your concealer and foundation as normal and continue your makeup routine.

#2 Concealer After Foundation


Everyone has a different routine for doing their makeup, and there are a lot of places to start first. But for your best results, you should use foundation before concealer, as it will lead you to using less of it. If you use concealer first, you will use much more than you need.

#1 Use Layering to Conceal Pimples


We all have blemishes and pimples, and hiding them with makeup isn’t always easy. The best way to hide these blemishes is to first use foundation, then concealer and then a setting powder. Do this separately from the rest of your routine and once blended, it will look like there was no blemish there at all.

And there you go, 12 amazing tips for getting the most out of your makeup and getting to do some amazing things in the process. While they may not apply to everyone at every time, they are extremely helpful and will add to a great skincare and makeup routine for women, both old and young. And even if you don’t wear makeup a lot, maybe these tips will inspire you the next time you do and see what kind of creative things you can pull off. Makeup can be a great way to change your look up from time to time!


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