Heartbreaking Details Emerge Regarding Teen Who Had Sex With 25 Boys At School

Many of you might remember when the story broke of a 15-year-old high school girl who was videotaped having sex with 25 boys. The incident went viral and people immediately blamed the school, blamed the boys, blamed the parents, and blamed the girl.

Unbelievable news has been revealed regarding the girl’s past and it should definitely be taken into consideration

10. Social Media Backfire


In 2016, a story broke of a 15-year-old female student who allegedly had sex with 25 boys at South Fort Myers High School. A video was taken of the incident and shared on the popular social media platform Snapchat. It was only a matter of time before the kids got caught in #9.

9. Highly Inappropriate Activity


Officials noticed 25 boys going in and out of the boy’s bathroom of the Fort Myers, Florida school. At least one student was reprimanded and disciplined for “inappropriate activity.” When the girl was questioned, she admitted to having “sex with a number of the boys” while the rest of the group filmed the whole thing.

8. Students Speak Out


Even though Snapchat is notorious for the limited amount of time images and videos are available, the cell phone was confiscated. One of the students, Petislin Cadeau, told reporters he heard some of the school’s football team was involved but he “never really saw it or anything.” A school spokesperson spoke up about the incident in #7.

7. Shock And Disbelief


The official said the students involved had been disciplined according to the school’s code of conduct. Parents of other students expressed their concerns about the incident and admitted they were feeling some shock, disbelief, and concern. Some parents argued a deeper investigation into the incident was needed. He didn’t stop there.

6. Where Were The Teachers?

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The story instantly went viral across the nation as more footage was leaked on social media. “Where were the teachers?” asked parent Kevin Ware. “It’s terrible. I feel for the little girl, I feel for her parents. It’s just sad.” Some people had a few ideas on where to place the blame in #5.

5. Our Job Is To Protect Our Children


Parent Eric Struble has two 15-year-old daughters who attend the school. He said, “It’s our job to protect our children and teach them right from wrong.” Blaming the parents seemed to be the first instinct of many stakeholders. Some blame was placed on a student who released the footage through social media.

4. Teen Arrested In Connection With Video


One of the teens involved was a football player at South Fort Myers High School. 16-year-old William Scott was arrested and charged with cruelty toward a child, allowing a child to engage in a sexual act and possession of obscene material. Others blame the girl until disturbing news of the girl’s past was revealed in #3.

3. Be The Light Advocacy Group Speaks Up


After a thorough investigation, officials have released information claiming the girl involved was a victim of a sex trafficking ring when she was 13-years-old. She was enslaved for nearly two years. Megan Estrem of the advocacy group Be The Light says, “She did get some help, but it wasn’t specific for what she needed.”

2. Not Uncommon Behavior


Estrem has seen this type of behavior before. “I had heard a lot about the incident through the news. I heard it, and thought there are some red flags,” Estrem added. “What’s upsetting about this is this behavior is not uncommon for human trafficking victims.” Estrem details in #1 what should be done and said when tragic events like this occur.

1. Don’t Go Straight To Shaming


“What happens is not to go straight to shaming and sharing this, but find out there all facts, what happened, why did she do this, who else was involved and what was their role. She needs to be prayed for and encouraged, not degraded and discouraged.” The girl has since been pulled from school as a result of the story gaining international attention.


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