Here’s What Happens When A Man Ejaculates Inside You (Besides Pregnancy)

Sex is an essential experience of the human race. It has a way of allowing our most primordial and primitive instincts to surface.

When you’re caught in the moment, it’s easy to beg your man to release his load inside of you. Besides getting pregnant, what else could possibly happen?

Well …

10. Get Out And Away From That Smell

After his load has been emptied into your willing hole, your two juices begin to mix. Some people are into it until they smell the resulting scent of the combined substances in about a day or so. It’s not very appealing. We’ll go over a positive aspect of letting him finish inside of you in #9.

9. Ejaculation To Infatuation

On the plus side, semen acts as an antidepressant. Finishing inside of a woman allows the spunk to absorb within the vaginal walls. This causes a woman to increase her emotional attachment to the man. The result is an extremely positive mental boost that will carry on through the rest of your day or week.

8. Showers Don’t Help

He’s just finished inside of you and the moment has passed. You are either cuddling or sent him on his merry way. Now you are stuck with some of his semen still inside of you no matter how many times you’ve tried to clean it out. This could definitely lead to #7.

7. What Did You Just Catch?

Perhaps the most dreaded thing to realize is semen is the best way to contract an STD. Unless you two have been tested together, you’ll spend plenty of nights awake in bed. Overthinking is the worst thing you can do to yourself. And it’s all because of one frisky night.

6. The Build-Up And Release

You’ve just had the hottest and sexiest ride of your life. Things got so intense you begged him to release his load inside of you. Both of you feel like porn stars who just made an AVN Award-worthy scene. And then you queef. Still not as bad as #5.

5. An Irritated Nether Region

Of all of the negative results of sperm getting released inside you, this one is the most uncomfortable. You could be in for some skin irritation once his man juice hardens. Unless you get it taken care of, you will be reminded of this one encounter for weeks on end.

4. Leftover Drips

You’ve had your magical moment and made him cum inside you. Now, you’re laying in bed with his arms wrapped around you. All you can think about is the excess sperm slowly ruining your high thread count sheets. Not only in the sheets, but you’ll have to worry about #3 if you’re not about to fall asleep.

3. It Keeps Coming Out

One of the most annoying results of getting your man’s semen left inside you is the constant reminder that it is there. Every few minutes you feel a little drip down your leg. At the end of the day, the stains will also be there to help you remember.

2. Bacterial Outbreak

Your sexual marathon was incredible. The passion took over for a long time and now you’re all done and back to real life. Currently, your vagina is now a cesspool for different bacteria to grow and thrive. Finally, nothing seems real anymore and you have to go through all of the aspects of #1.

1. Questioning Your Own Reality

The biggest mental drawback is allowing this one sexual escapade to make you think you love someone. At first, he was just a friend or a fling who is in it as a one-time thing. Now, you’re considering a long-term relationship and have questioned everything about the direction of your life.


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