What Happens When You Google “Savage Dog” Is Hilarious

Over 15 million users on the /r/aww subreddit share and upvote adorable photos of kittens and cats, puppies and dogs, children, birds, and much more. They’re responsible for curating the cutest of the cutest in the realm of Reddit, and they always deliver. In this case, a user shared the search result that appeared after they turned to Google with the term “savage dog”—spoiler alert: everyone absolutely loved it.

It turns out that this pair of words brings up quite a few photos that are anything but savage. Read on for a roundup of the ten best images.

10. The Inspiration, Of Course

Just a little pupper and just a little nibble—this photo is about as far from savage as you can get.

“Why were you searching ‘savage dog’ in the first place?” one user asked the original poster, who answered and explained that they were searching for the 2017 movie Savage Dog.

9. Savage In An Abstract Sense

“I too googled ‘Savage Dog,'” replied another Reddit user. “I too was not disappointed,” they said, with a link to this tongue-out pug shot. Adding sunglasses and a hat? That’s just typical. Turning the doggie’s little ID tag into a gold chain, though? That’s great Photoshop.

8. Savagely Calm, Perhaps

Who even knows why this photo is linked up with the word savage—a dog in the Sukhasana pose? That’s the epitome of cool, calm, and collected. It’s a real thing, too. The Huffington Post shared an infographic back in 2015 detailing “doga,” a range of yoga positions that you can strike with your canine friend. Namasté.

7. What On Earth Is Savage Grooming?!

This photo of a happy Pomeranian pops up with a link to something called “Savage Dog Grooming.” That sounds pretty terrible until you click through and learn that Savage is just a city in Minnesota. Everything on that page still sounds hilarious, though: Savage dogs. Savage residents. The Savage Dog Park.

6. Savage Instagram Game

Back in 2016, Atlanta rap artist 21 Savage adopted this French bulldog and named him Louie Savage. So cute! The pup has his own Instagram account featuring photos of his adventures onstage, traveling, and more. There are only nine photos actually posted to the account, but @21louiesavage has almost 20,000 Instagram followers.

5. Savage Dog Ratings On Twitter

One Twitter user created an account dedicated to “savage dog ratings” that encourages users to tweet photos of their puppies. In return, the anonymous Twitter user labels photos with weird and off-putting captions. It’s actually not that funny, so it comes as no surprise that the account only tweeted out 12 photos before disappearing.

4. Another Colloquially Savage Dog

YouTube: The land of senseless uploads by users who are on their own personal missions. This is a screenshot of a video titled “SAVAGE DOG!” that may have been filmed by a ten-year-old. They set the shaky footage to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and raked in a cool 40 views.

3. A Man By The Name Of Savage

Adam Savage, one of the former hosts of MythBusters, tweeted this photo back in June 2015. “Sometimes my dog falls asleep right in the middle of writing emails,” he captioned the post. Fans and followers responded to Adam with jokes and photos of their own critters getting in the way.

2. Stock Photo Sites That Don’t Get It

Scattered throughout the search results are watermarked photos like this one, all from various stock photo providers. Some of the images do show dogs baring their teeth, barking, and biting, but there are a few instances where a stock photo like this is oddly labeled as a “savage-looking dog.”

1. Finally, One True Savage Photo

Here’s the only real savage photo we’ll include: a pair of “savage” African wild dogs featured on a website examining pack behavior. Did you know that scientists have discredited the famous “alpha and beta” structure of dog packs? True story: Researchers haven’t looked at pack behavior this way for almost a decade,

Online search engines are responsible for helping us navigate modern life. For every useful and helpful piece of information that they provide, though, there’s a search result that’s surprising, confusing, or both. Sometimes, it’s a strange autofill: How do I know if…? What is…? And other times, it’s a really weird story or photo that you’d never be able to imagine by yourself—just like all of these.

“Savage dog,” right? We suggest that you definitely try this at home, and make sure to share this roundup with all of your dog loving friends and family. Woof!


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