Guys, Here’s How To Boost Your Confidence And Attract Awesome Women

Online dating can be frustrating. Many beautiful girls say they are looking for personality: “Where are all the good guys?”

You swipe right, of course, thinking “Right here! I’m a good guy.” That is, until you never match… Was she kidding? Or is she looking for a male model? Here’s how an average looking guy can pick up a gorgeous woman.

10. Never Stop Treating Her Like A Lady

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Men and women tend to be attracted to physical attributes. It’s just the natural state of things. Big muscles, a perfect complexion, and a sports car certainly help attract women, but good looks can only go so far.

Nothing pales in comparison to being a gentleman and making her feel wanted…

9. Women Are Not As Shallow As Men

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There is only a small percentage of women who are shallow enough go for looks and money alone.

Although it may not seem like it sometimes, the majority of women care about more than appearance—they want soul, as well as confidence and kindness. And nothing compares to a stellar sense of humor, of course.

8. Different Definitions Of Attractive

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Men often agree on what is attractive about women. We can thank Hollywood and porn for that; it usually comes down to weight, breast size, and booty shape. Women, on the other hand, are more open to the definition of attractive.

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7. Get Out Of Your House

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One thing you can do as an average looking guy is put yourself out there. Talk to more women you believe are out of your league. Sure, you’ll probably get rejected a lot, but that is part of life.

With seven billion people in the world, it’s all just a numbers game. Take a chance.

6. Not Everyone Is A Match

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It is also important to realize that not all people are going to be compatible, even if you connect with a beautiful woman whos interested in you. Over time, some people don’t seem to sync. It happens to a majority of the population.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is falling for #5…

5. You’re So Vain… Stop It

Forget about changing your hair or buying a whole new wardrobe. Society doesn’t seem to expect men to look like magazine ads. Of course, you should still shower and groom yourself, but being vain about your looks may actually hurt your chances.

Leave the beautiful and flashy attitude to male peacocks.

4. Stand Tall, This Is YOUR World

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One of the biggest reasons why an average man fails with the beautiful ladies is confidence. Thinking to yourself, “I’m not attractive enough for her” over and over in your head is not healthy.

Start every day looking in the mirror with positive affirmations.

#3 will never hurt your chances, either…

3. Don’t Let Rejection Change You

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Even guys who are considered good-looking strike out all of the time. Keep this in mind when you begin to question your chances.

There is a high likelihood you will eventually outshine those men with your personality and sense of humor. Making a girl laugh and smile is your ticket to paradise.

2. Don’t Forget About You

Take some time to focus on yourself. Start with any negativity you might be feeling about yourself. If you need to change your clothes or your job to make yourself feel better, then do it. But don’t do it for anyone else but yourself.

Even though everyone seems to rely on technology, give #1 a try so she can see the real you from the get go.

1. Get Off Your Phone!

Get off of your phone. Trash Tinder and give Bumble the boot, because this is still the real world. There is no better way to prove to a beautiful woman you are a confident and smart catch than by simply getting out there.

Let rejection make you stronger. Be patient and let the natural law of attraction work on its own.


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