Guys, These Are The 8 Types Of Girlfriends Out There

Throughout life, you will encounter all different types of girlfriends. Some will be more dramatic, others will be needy. Some girls will keep you laughing while others will mess with your head until you just can’t take it anymore. If you’re lucky, you may even get to date one of each!

Here are 8 different types of girlfriends that you’re sure to encounter whilst dating.

8. The Just For Fun Girlfriend


This girl doesn’t want to commit to anything long term. She is super cool just having a good time, going out for dinner, or staying in for a cozy movie night.

However, she isn’t really interested in taking the next step in her relationship because she’s too busy loving life. Nights out, vacations, and laughs? She’s your girl. If you’re looking to get engaged, though, you best move on.

7. The Girlfriend Who Can’t Make Plans


If you’re dating a girl that just can’t make plans, you will learn that you aren’t a priority in her life very quickly. She will never actually make a definitive plan with you more than 24 hours in advance. That’s because she wants to keep her schedule open in case something else pops up. She’s out for the best time—with or without you.

And then there’s #6, which is actually worse…

6. The Girlfriend Who Can’t Fly Solo

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This girlfriend is a little bit clingy. Okay, she’s a lot clingy. She won’t go anywhere or do anything without her boyfriend by her side. She will ditch her friends and will flake out on plans unless he’s invited or involved.

If she does manage to peel herself away from her guy, she’ll be texting him all night.

5. The Cheater

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A girl who cheats isn’t going to do anything besides break your heart (and she’s going to cheat on you, in case that wasn’t clear). Some girls just don’t take relationships seriously and they don’t really care.

#4 was probably hurt by a cheating boyfriend and will give you quite a different experience…

4. The Girl Who Is Surprised By Romance

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This girl hasn’t been treated right by a man, maybe ever. So, when you buy her flowers or you hold the door open for her, she’s going to be taken aback. That’s not to say that she won’t appreciate your sweetness, but she might act a little bit odd—at least at first.

3. The Girlfriend For Too Long


This girl will stay in a relationship far past said relationship’s expiration date. She has been with the guy for over seven years. They live together. They probably have a dog together. But the relationship isn’t going anywhere—and she knows it. She’s not totally happy, but she stays because she is comfortable.

It could be worse… she could be girlfriend #2.

2. The Commitment Phobe

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This girl will date a guy for several months. Things will be going great and it will appear as though she really likes the guy—and maybe she does. But she refuses to put a label on their relationship. She doesn’t want a boyfriend and she isn’t ready to change her relationship status.  That’s just how she is.

1. The One

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This type of girlfriend is completely chill. She’s herself and you can be yourself around her—the kind of girl that makes you feel happy on the inside. She’s “the one.” And you’re going to know it soon after meeting her. Things are just different with her in the best possible ways.


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