Guy Makes Shocking Discovery In His Home, Goes Missing

featured-imageHouses are often the best keepers of secrets. What goes on behind closed doors will normally stay behind them.

But what happens when someone buys a home that’s been lived in before? Does it surrender its previous owner’s secrets with a breath of fresh air? Or does it hold on to them in the dark corners where nobody looks?

One Reddit user was forced to confront this question when he bought a previously owned home. It all began quite innocently one day when he decided to take a walk down the stairs into the basement. You won’t believe what he found there.

12. A Glimpse of the Unexpected

001-a-glimpse-of-the-unexpected-1051321The basement was, at first glance, just like any other. Full of bits and pieces of accumulated clutter from over the years. The kinds of things that everyone has in their basement, right? But if you take a closer look under the stairs, there’s a bit of plywood that doesn’t seem quite right.

11. Closer Examination

002-closer-examination-1051323Our intrepid Redditor had been in and out of the basement many times without noticing the plywood which covered much of one wall of his basement. But today, something caught his eye and he decided to have a closer examination. The plywood wasn’t quite secure to the wall, what lay behind it?

10. A Bit of Effort

003-a-bit-of-effort-1051325The plywood wasn’t too tricky to remove. After a little work with a few tools, the board fell away from its position. What was behind it was astonishing – a second room, but did the alcove contain treasure or horror? Taking a moment to compose himself, our Redditor moved forward.

9. First Impressions

004-first-impressions-1051327His first impressions were quite relieving. He found a small room stacked with boxes and other seeming junk. One unusual item caught his eye immediately, a locked safe. He tried to unlock it, but nothing doing. So he decided to see what he could learn from the rest of the boxes within the room. It was quite revealing.

8. A Cache of Weapons!?

005-a-cache-of-weapons--1051329The Redditor slowly began to sort through the boxes and one thing became clear very quickly. Most of the boxes were for guns. Lots and lots of guns. Not every box contained a gun. Many of them were empty which led to another heart raising question – what had happened to all of these guns? Where were they now?

7. And There was More

006-and-there-was-more-1051331The Redditor turned his attention to other boxes and began to leaf through their contents. It wasn’t a huge surprise after finding all those guns but it still wasn’t the greatest feeling to discover a treasure trove of ammunition which could be used in conjunction with the guns he’d already found.

6. Live Ammunition

007-live-ammunition-1051333It quickly became clear to the Redditor that this was no joke. The basement’s secret room was stacked from floor to ceiling with guns and massive quantities of live ammunition. What was it all for? Was someone planning to start a war or stage a coup from here at one point?

5. More Oddities

008-more-oddities-1051335It wasn’t just guns and ammo that the Redditor discovered whilst searching through his new found possessions that day. He also discovered a dizzying array of other military equipment like that pictured in this photograph. But what he discovered next, he wasn’t at all prepared to deal with.

4. Grenade!

009-grenade--1051337Nobody wants to find a grenade in their home no matter how unexpected. What they really don’t want to find is a grenade with the pin already pulled! Like this one. Our Redditor was terrified that he’d unearthed a live explosive device and he summoned his courage and reached out to pick it up.

3. Close Call

010-close-call-1051339Much to his relief, the grenade turned out to be the one thing that he’d unearthed that wasn’t in any fit state to be used. It had been hollowed out some time before and it couldn’t be detonated even if he had been crazy enough to try to do so.

2. He’s Rich!

011-he-s-rich--1051341Well, almost – the next thing that our Redditor discovered was a large tray of coins. In fact he found many bags of coins hidden in among the ammunition cases and this brought a bigger question to his mind. What was in that safe he’d failed to get into earlier?

1. Time to Give it a Try

012-time-to-give-it-a-try-1051343The Redditor determined that he would become an amateur locksmith and tackle the safe by himself. He went to fetch his trusty, and by the looks of them – rusty, tools from the original basement and he set to work on unlocking the mysteries of the safe in front of him.

Do you want to know what he found? So do we. The Redditor went missing after he posted this last snapshot of his tools. He hasn’t been heard from in more than a week.

We hope that it’s just because he found the tools weren’t up to the job and he’s waiting on a locksmith to come and open it up for him. It’s possible, of course, that he found a huge amount of wealth within and as soon as he did, he scooped it up and fled the country.

But what if the previous owner came back to find him?


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