This Guy Has Five Wives And Their Lifestyle Is So Controversial


Comedians love mother-in-law jokes, but this married life is no laughing matter. Even comedians would have a hard time believing this guy’s marital life. Although they’d never run out of material for a stand-up routine.

After all, he is married to five women. Yes, F-I-V-E women. With the divorce rates higher than ever, you would think this man must be out of his mind. It’s an understatement that his chosen lifestyle is so controversial. Even the more conventional of polygamists oppose to his way of life. Why is that? Let us introduce you to Brady Williams and his five wives and their unbelievable life.

10. Brady Williams

Brady Williams was brought up in a Mormon family, but he’s an ex-bishop now. As a matter of fact, he’s currently working in project management for his brother’s construction company. He also studies philosophy during his spare time. Now considering that he has five wives and 25 kids, he would actually have any time to spare for himself.

Through his Mormon upbringing, the 45-year-old started to learn about polygamy around his mid-teens. At 22, he married for the first time – to Paulie. Right then and there, he already knew that he would take on a second wife. Then, within 12 months he met and married Robyn. And by the time he was 29, he had married his third wife, Rosemary; fourth wife, Nonie and fifth wife, Rhonda.

9. Large Family

And between his five wives, he fathered 25 children. The kids are aged from 23 down to one, and even Brady himself struggles to remember all of their names and ages. With Paulie, his longest-standing and only legal wife, he has six kids; daughters Karlie, Madeline, September, Maura and Camry, and son Joshua.


With Nonie, he has sons Paul and Aaeyden and daughters Rachel, Marissa, Tailee, and Addisen. His wife Robyn bore him three sons, Dane, Thomas and Trey and two daughters, Hannah and Lauren. While Rosemary is the mom to girls Kimberly and Taylor and boys James and Brandon. Rhonda, on the other hand, has daughters Eden and Arwen and sons Lake and Nikolas.

8. House Expenses

The entire family, all 31 of them live in two large houses that sit facing each other outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Believe it or not, they manage to sit down for a family meal together each night, with Rosemary considered as the star chef. With so many mouths to feed the groceries for the month run up to a whopping $4,000.


To help pay the bills, Brady’s wives also work. Like, Paulie and Rhonda who work as a dental hygienist and a medical assistant, sequentially. Nonie works alongside her husband doing administrative work at the construction company. Meanwhile, Rosemary also worked there until she quit to get a teaching qualification. Robyn is the only stay-at-home mom among the five wives.

7. Taking Turns

Interestingly, Brady will spend a night with each wife in turn and a bonus night together on each of their birthdays. Though with such a large family it could be hard to find any quiet time. Still, they assert that everyone has their own space. But being without a husband for days at a time can be lonely, so one wife thought of an unusual solution.

His wife Robyn, told The Huffington Post in September 2013, “One year for Christmas I made each of my sister wives a body pillow. It was of Brady, and it had this little thought cloud with their name in it so it’s like he’s dreaming of them. It was something they could hold while it’s not his night to be with them.”

6. Unconventional People

What do the neighbors think of the Williams’ unconventional life? After all, while their chosen lifestyle may seem strange to many, they are among the company. The community in which they live is a Fundamentalist Mormon. Consequently, it’s a neighborhood that shares the belief that polygamy is the route to heaven.

However, Mormons actually outlawed polygamy as a practice more than 100 years ago. Fundamentalist Mormons, still believe the Mormons wrongly abandoned the principle in order for the American mainstream to accept the religion and its followers. But the Williams’ describe themselves as “progressive polygamists.”

5. Still Evolving

As a result, the neighbors have ignored the Williams’. Surely, it seems that the way they’ve chosen to bring up their family does not sit well with their community. After all, the Williams’ approach is far more modern than the beliefs of more traditional Mormons. In fact, Brady Williams even calls himself a feminist.

“Certainly polygamy has been patriarchal; the man is in charge,” Brady told ABC News. “But I like to think we’ve evolved and are still evolving.” For example, the parents support gay marriage, and they are occasional drinkers. Additionally, they raised their kids to know that pluralism isn’t the only way of life, their kind of life.

4. Leaving the Community

The five wives did grow up in the small rural town. If truth be told, they’re actually all related, and their families raised them to be submissive sister wives. But the family have since inched away from any religious leanings.


Still, it’s not the only religion that the family has become distanced from. Yes, the community wants them out, because of their unconventional lifestyle. Brady told ABC News, “The leadership of the community has made it clear – because of the decisions that we have made – it’s better if we left. And I agree.”

3. Green Eyed Monster

But that’s not to say all of their problems would disappear if they were to up and leave the neighborhood. After all, jealousy is a factor with the women, even though the five wives claim not to think about it. But with so many women married to just one man, the green-eyed monster has inevitably raised its head.


For instance, Williams took Rhonda on a trip to Washington state to celebrate their tenth anniversary. On the week-long trip, the couple began looking at property in the area. As he grew up near Seattle, Williams had wanted the family to relocate there, moving away from the community that wants to get rid of them.

2. Family First

Unsurprisingly, the four other wives were not happy about the trip. And they were downright furious to learn that the pair had also been looking for somewhere to live. In fact, with six people involved in the decision-making for the family, the women believed that Williams should have consulted them first.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to wonder why they choose to stay put. But, for the five women, family comes first. Rosemary told ABC News, “I can’t say that I’ve never considered leaving. It’s just that it would devastate the entire family.”

1. Love Times Five

“We spent years and years building this family,” said Rhonda. “And we love each other.” Surely, it seems to be love that holds the huge family together. “It’s not that complicated,” Brady said to ABC News. “We love each other. It’s just normal times five.”

What do you think of the Williams family? Despite the liberated lifestyle and thinking of this day and age, admit it that this unconventional people and lifestyle is still shocking.

It seems confusing especially for the children. Would they follow their parents’ footsteps? We’ll never know.