Guy Charged In Wife’s Murder ...

Guy Charged In Wife’s Murder After Fitbit Contradicts His Alibi

It’s a strange story that demonstrates the weird usefulness of modern technology. A Connecticut man has been charged with the 2015 shooting death of his wife after he initially crafted a false story and an alibi for investigators. It looks like Richard Dabate must have thought that he’d be able to escape conviction. It turns out that he thought wrong. All it took was a bit of simple data from Connie Dabate’s Fitbit to disprove her husband’s tall tale.

Read on for the story behind this murder investigation as well as details of what’s next.

10. A Burglary Alarm And A Shooting Victim

On December 23, 2015, police were summoned to Richard and Connie Dabate’s home after the sounding of a burglary alarm. Investigators arrived at a scene filled with smoke and confusion. Richard was suffering from minor injuries and told police that a home invasion had taken place. Connie was found dead with gunshots to her abdomen and head.


9. No Arrests Were Made

The couple’s children, a six-year-old and nine-year-old, were in school at the time. No arrests were made as the investigation began. Richard explained that he and his wife were attacked by a “tall, obese man” with a voice like Vin Diesel after the man broke into their home.


8. Only Minor Injuries For The Husband

Richard Dabate told investigators that his gun had been used by the intruder to shoot Connie to death in front of him. He told them that he’d been tied to a chair and stabbed with a “box cutter or something,” as well as burned with some type of torch.

7. Unable To Keep His Story Straight

According to police, Richard wasn’t able to keep his story straight. He changed details several times and the investigators’ findings were inconsistent with the information offered by Richard. There was no evidence of forced entry in the home and investigators noted that the man’s injuries could have been self-inflicted.

An Extramarital Affair And A Pregnancy, Too

When Richard Dabate was arrested in mid-April 2017, a report detailed an alleged extramarital affair, as well as many other findings that were uncovered during the investigation. It turned out that Richard had impregnated another woman while his wife was seeking a divorce. Connie’s iPhone contained a note labeled “why I want a divorce.”

5. Help From Facebook And A Fitbit

Richard told investigators that Connie had been killed around 9 a.m., which investigators soon disproved with the help of technology. She’d accessed her Facebook accounts forty minutes after this time and her Fitbit actually recorded movements around 10 a.m. This certainly didn’t line up with her husband’s claims.

4. A Mean And Money Hungry Husband

One reason why Connie sought divorce was her husband’s draining of money from “accounts that don’t belong to him.” She swore at him in the last text she ever sent him, and just five days after her death, Richard unsuccessfully tried to cash in her $475,000 life insurance policy.

3. Lawyer Claims That His Client Will Be Vindicated

Police also interviewed the woman with whom Richard was having an affair. She told investigators that the pregnancy was unexpected and that Connie was not aware of it. Of course, Dabate’s lawyer Hubert Santos told reporters that his client is “innocent of these charges” and that he “looks forward to being vindicated after a trial.”

2. He Posted A Million Dollar Bond

A resident of the neighborhood told reporters that members of the community had agreed to not speak out about the incident out of respect for the family. With his arrest, Dabate was charged with felony murder and other crimes, including tampering with evidence and providing a false statement. He’s posted a $1 million bond.

1. Dabate’s Next Court Date Is April 28

Richard is currently out on bail and his next court date is scheduled for April 28. His story has been proven patently false, after all—even police dogs were unable to find the scent of another person on his property after the murder. Authorities believe that they’re armed with enough evidence to provide probable cause.

The truth is that fatal family violence is an old story that’s been proven true time and time again. More women experience intimate partner violence than men do, and they’re more likely to be killed by intimate partners than men are. At least one-third of all women who fall victim to homicide in the United States alone are killed by male partners—husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, and old lovers. Domestic violence does not happen equally to both sexes.

Richard Dabate is expected to enter a plea at his upcoming court date. Time will tell how this sad story will end.


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