Guy Catches His Wife Cheating By Throwing Her A Surprise Party (Photos)

If you have ever had a lover cheat on you, then you can relate to the intense desire for revenge you feel. How could you possibly get back at someone who spent so much time lying and pretending to love you?

This guy certainly had the patience and the planning in order to implement one of the greatest revenge stories in Internet history. Let’s check it out.

10. He Had A Hunch


One husband, who shall remain nameless, shared a story about his cheating wife and what he did to get sweet revenge online. The story begins with a hunch. He had a feeling his wife was cheating on him. Find out what kinds of telltale signs made him suspicious in #9.

9. Seeing All The Signs


For starters, she was “constantly laughing and smiling when texting, saying it was just her mother when I asked,” he began. She was also “needing to stay late every night after work.” Her co-workers even told him she had left hours prior to his call. When he confronted her, she would give him a lame excuse.

8. The Lame Game With The Dames


She would laugh off his questions and tell him it was a game she played with her co-workers and they did it all the time to each other. Not a very fun or funny game, if you ask us. If that wasn’t enough to make him question her loyalty, then #7 surely did the trick.

7. The Old Midnight Milk Run


His wife started going to the grocery store for random items in the middle of the night. Who needs to pick up milk at 11:00 pm? And why does it take until 2:30 am to bring the milk home? The dairy aisle in any grocery story isn’t that incognito.

6. Collecting The Case Files


The mounted up evidence would be enough for any person to confront a cheating spouse at this point. “I wanted as much evidence as possible to hand off to my lawyer, as well as time to make arrangements to find a new place to live, etc.” He also wanted to wait until a specific day in #5.

5. Cheating Wife’s Day Off


He decided he needed to confront her on her birthday. Apparently, she had asked him to go out of town with his friends for her birthday. She told him she had a lot of work to do and she wanted him to have a good time. That’s very thoughtful of her.

4. The Bottle Of Bubbly


His wife didn’t want to be reminded of getting old. However, he discovered a bottle of champagne with two glasses in her closet. Then, he had a plan. He called her parents, family, and friends and told them he was throwing her a surprise party. Would she be surprised? Let’s find out in #3.

3. Sneaking Up The Stairs

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Everyone showed up to the house on time. They came bearing streamers, kazoos, and a big beautiful birthday cake. Her friends were obviously delighted at how thoughtful the husband was being on her special day. The poured into the house and started to make their way up the stairs to the bedroom.

2. Ready For The Big Surprise


The husband tells everyone to be as quiet as they can as they walk up the stairs to the bedroom. Everyone was holding a kazoo and prepped the streamers. Her mom had a big grin on her face. Her family and friends could barely wait until the big surprise moment at #1.

1. The Magical Moment


Everyone bursts into the room and yells “SURPRISE!” The husband describes the scene, “There was my wife, butt naked with her lover staring at us wide eyed. Mom drops the cake, sister screams, and father begins to shout. I pretend like I’m horrified to which her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her.” It was a birthday she’ll never soon forget.


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