The Grittiest Stories Of Cheater’s Revenge We Could Find

Cheating is never a good idea, but unfortunately some of us feel the sting of betrayal at least once in our life.

Some quietly end the relationship, and others… well… they set out to ruin the life of the person who hurt them.

These stories of revenge are pretty brutal, but let’s be honest, nobody’s going to tell a person who’s just been cheated on that they’re acting unreasonably.

8. Don’t Get Caught In The Supply Room

This woman hired a private investigator, after having the “female hunch” that her husband was cheating. The proof was delivered to her in photos. She decided to copy them quite a few times and saran wrap them to his car.

Of course the only place to do this would be the place that ruins his reputation most… at work!

Now the whole office knows what he and his office buddy were doing in that storage room.

7. The Coldest Night Of Their Lives

Ting Su, 29, had a gut feeling that her husband was cheating, so she attached a tracking device to his car. After following him one night, she witnessed him in the backseat of his car with a woman.

When she approached the car and started beating on the window, she realized it was her twin sister he was having sex with. She forced them both out of the car naked and drove off, leaving them stranded.

This is a subtle rebuke compared to #3 on this list.

6. When A Woman Stops Caring, You’re In Trouble

This woman and her husband were supposed to attend WrestleMania 29 together when he bailed, only to show up with his side chick.

Maybe he thought his wife would end up staying home instead of going alone? He was so wrong. She seems to be just fine, chillin’ with a beer in her hand and a sign that reads,” My cheatin’ husband’s in 129, row 31, seat 7-8 (with the homewrecker!).”

5. When He Trades His House On The Hill For A College Dorm

Elle Zober lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. Well, she used to, until he decided to cheat on her after ten years with a 22-year-old college student.

As soon as Elle found out, she divorced him and put their house up for sale.

The FOR SALE sign read: “Husband left us for a 22 year old…house for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.”

This sign is a soft hit compared to #2 on this list!

4. He’s Lucky His Hair Was The Only Thing To Fall Off His Body

This woman replaced her boyfriend’s conditioner with women’s hair removal cream after she read a message from another woman talking about her excitement over their upcoming date.

The night her soon to be ex-boyfriend planned to go meet that “other” woman, she ensured that the only conditioner available was the only one she’d poured her revenge into.

When his hair started falling out all at once, he was horrified and his night (and life) were completely ruined.

3. The Revenge That Keeps On Revenging

This is probably one of the worst things that could happen to a cheater.

“I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, so I convinced him we should get couple’s tattoos of each other’s names. He went first. I went home.”

This man will be dating women by the same name for the rest of his life.

Keep reading for a story of revenge so deeply embedded in American politics, it’ll make you cringe.

2. I Saw The Sign, It Opened Up My Eyes

This sign says it all…

A woman named Linda caught her husband cheating, so she threw the keys to his Mercedes-Benz into a canal, changed the locks on their apartment and maxed out all his credit cards.

This guy chose the wrong woman to screw over. If he knew she was capable of this, he probably would’ve kept it in his pants.

1. A Real Life Episode Of Scandal

Charles Phillips, top economic advisor to former U.S. President Barack Obama, had an affair with a woman named YaVaughnie Wilkins. Eight years into that affair, Charles broke things off and chose to stay with his wife.

So what did YaVaughnie do? She spent $250,000 on billboards in Times Square to tell the world of their secret relationship.

One massive poster revealed an intimate photo of them with a caption that read, “You are my soulmate forever.”

Charles had to release a humiliating apology to the world, while his wife and mistress continued to take revenge on him.


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