Glorious Pets That Actually Earn Th...

Glorious Pets That Actually Earn Their Owners Millions

People own pets for all sorts of reasons. That wagging tail when you come home, a comforting purr at the end of a long day, a heads up when someone’s at the door. We all like to feel needed. All pets have one thing in common, they make their owner’s lives better just by being a part of them.

The pets we’re going to look at today have something else in common. They put cold hard cash in their owner’s bank accounts. From thousands of dollars a month to millions a year, these pampered pets do plenty to earn their treats!

10. A Street Cat Named Bob

James Bowen was a recovering drug addict when a ginger cat he later named Bob decided to adopt him. Bob started following James around London, riding the bus with him and sitting in with him as he played guitar on the street. The duo’s popularity grew, eventually landing them several book deals as well as a movie deal. It’s been reported that book sales alone have brought Bowen into the company of publishing phenoms like J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown.

9. Fastest Dog On Two Legs

Jiff the pomeranian is a dog of many talents. He knows how to shake hands, bows, rides a skateboard and even stamps his own autograph. His most recent honor was one for the record books – Guinness World Records that is.  He was officially honored in the 60th-anniversary edition as the fastest dog on two legs (yes, two legs), something else for his millions of fans to adore him for. A single appearance by Jiff can fetch as much as $17,000.

8. Foxy Lady

Juniper is a sassy domestic fox who loves to keep things interesting for her devoted family. Her hobbies include eating socks, flirting with (then ignoring) Moose, her Austrailian shepherd mix “boyfriend,” and generally living up to her nickname of “the happiest fox.” Juniper’s participation in a sponsored post can bring in as much as $5,000 per post.

7. Things Are Getting Squirrely

When Jill the squirrel’s human mom rescued her in 2012 after she fell out of her nest during Hurricane Isaac, neither of them had any idea it was the beginning of a beautiful (and profitable) relationship. Jill quickly became part of the family, and soon her adorable pictures garnered her thousands of followers on Instagram. A sponsored post with this wacky squirrel can bring in as much as $2,000. If you think that’s a nutty amount, check out #6!

6. Toast Meets World

Toast was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011. She had to have all her rotten teeth removed, so now she has an adorable toothless grin. That doesn’t slow her down in the least though since her favorite food is tacos! Toast’s toothless sponsored posts can bring in $1,800 each.

5. A Cat That’s Out Of This World

Venus the cat has a face that is hard to forget. She has one green eye and one blue eye, and exactly one-half of her face is black while the other half is orange. Her unique look has earned her the nickname “chimera cat” after the mythological creature. Venus’s adoring fans earn her a whopping $6,000 per sponsored post!

4. Birdie Birthday Suit

Rhea the parrot, aka Rhea the Naked Birdie, has a condition that attacks the feather follicles, which caused them to fall out and prevents them from growing back. That doesn’t slow her down in the least, though. As she tells her Instagram fans, that just means she “gets to run around the house naked every damn day!” Little Rhea can bring in up to $1,000 per sponsored post.

3. Hipster Cat Laughs At Your Puny ‘Stache

Hamilton the hipster cats picture perfect white mustache made him a runaway Instagram sensation. He had his own web series, has appeared in commercials, and even has his own app. Hamilton’s proud owner says the best part of fame has been being able to give back more than $250,000 to charities.

2. Adorable Underdog

Daisy the dog was abandoned as a puppy. She had a congenital deformity that caused her elbows, right shoulder, and back hips to be dislocated and was nearly euthanized at the local shelter before finding her forever home with Sheena Main. Now, Daisy’s adorable underbite smile can bring in up to $1,000 per sponsored post. You won’t believe how much our last pet is worth!

1. Nothing To Be Grumpy About

No list of animal celebrities would be complete without mentioning Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat. The undisputed feline queen of social media, it’s hard to think of anyone who hasn’t seen her grumpy visage somewhere over the last few years. From memes and commercials, books, movies, and even video games, Grumpy Cat’s empire is reported worth over $100 million.


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