Girl’s Stuffy Nose Doesn’t Seem Right … Because Of What Was Up There


Think of the last time you had a cold. You probably had a runny nose, maybe a sore throat. Colds are never enjoyable, but thankfully they don’t last. You probably took some over the counter medicine, drank fluids, got a good night sleep, and the cold went away! But what would you do if your runny nose just wouldn’t stop running?

That’s exactly what happened to one little girl named Khloe from California. After her nose wouldn’t stop running, she and her mother were clueless as to what to do. But after one shocking solution, the problem was something they would never have thought of in the beginning. Click through to find out what was wrong with Khloe’s nose!


#12 Khloe Was A Normal, Healthy Little Girl

001-12-khloe-was-a-normal-healthy-little-gi-849202Khloe had never had any other strange occurrences in her health history before. She was meeting expectations on all aspects as to where her health and development should be for a girl her age. But then one day, that all changed and something happened that she would never be able to forget.

#11 She Had A Runny Nose

002-11-she-had-a-runny-nose-849200Khloe had a pretty bad runny nose one day and something about it seemed a little off. Kids are constantly exposed to various germs, so having one catch a cold is never that big of a deal. There was something about this particular runny nose that just didn’t sit right with her and her mom.
#10 This Was No Ordinary Runny Nose

003-10-this-was-no-ordinary-runny-nose-849198The biggest thing that made Khloe’s mother begin suspecting something might be off was the fact that her runny nose stunk! It had an odor that they hadn’t experienced in any another runny nose before! Not only was a runny nose stinky, but it was also thick and green! Something was really strange, so the family only had one option left…

#9 They Sought Out A Doctor

004-9-they-sought-out-a-doctor-bcb5cd543d2f94fed808cbc3a7db291bKhloe’s strange nose behavior was enough for her mother to decide that they needed to see a doctor. The doctor simply stated that she had a sinus infection, and that was the cause for her abnormal runny nose. But Khloe’s mom wasn’t clueless, so she decided that this wasn’t the last step she was going to take.

#8 And Another

005-8-and-another-bd6c760447dd95319b68dfde9040eac4Khloe’s mom took her to a different doctor, and again, they stated that it was probably just a sinus infection. After seeing several doctors and taking a few rounds of antibiotics, the runny nose had not cleared up! Khloe’s mom began suspecting that there still might be another option for why her nose was running. What do you think might be wrong with Khloe?

#7 They Even Went To A Dentist

006-7-they-even-went-to-a-dentist-4ba6e5f57a60f977dcd736412fd39cc9Khloe’s mom decided to try and take her to a dentist. She thought that if several doctors all told her the same thing and she still wasn’t better, it must be something else. Perhaps it was a tooth related issue?

Unfortunately, once they did go to the dentist, they still get any answers other than that Khloe was seemingly healthy. But it seemed that one man, one without a doctorate and who was close to Khloe, had the answers she needed all along.

#6 Finally Her Uncle Gave Her The Answer She Needed

007-6-finally-her-uncle-gave-her-the-answer-f06c524005b685ac1d1d385bf36e737fOne day, after many frustrating doctor’s visits, Khloe found the answer she needed from her uncle. He told her to just blow her nose hard until it all came out. So Khloe blew and blew and blew her nose taking her uncle’s advice, and finally, something made it’s way out!

#5 She Found A Safety Pin Up Her Nose

008-5-she-found-a-safety-pin-up-her-nose-849188After Khloe took her advice by blowing and blowing and blowing her nose, she discovered a safety pin had been up there all along! It was eroded away and overall disgusting, but at least now, it wasn’t in Khloe’s nose anymore! This may seem strange, so everyone looked to Khloe to figure out how this had gotten up there.

#4 Khloe Let The Curiosity Get The Best Of Her

009-4-khloe-let-the-curiosity-get-the-best-849185Khloe had been building a model castle out of safety pins from six months ago. The curiosity got the best of her and decided to stick the pin up her own nose. She told her mom she had forgotten she had done that, but she also might have just been embarrassed she’d done it in the first place! But Khloe is not alone.

#3 Kids Often Stick Things Up Their Nose

010-3-kids-often-stick-things-up-their-nose-45222bd44b631d951a8847e739d3ce67One thing that all kids have tried in their life is sticking their finger, or some other common object, up their nose, so Khloe was not too out of the ordinary in trying this. The most common things found in children’s noses are beads, peas, and cheerios! So Khloe was a bit abnormal for having a safety pin up there, but kids are curious!

#2 Khloe Is Grateful For Her Uncle

011-2-khloe-is-grateful-for-her-uncle-849181After all those doctor’s visits, Khloe was excited that she had an uncle with such a simple solution — to just blow! At least we’ve learned from Khloe’s story, that if no doctor’s visits work, sometimes it’s best to just blow! So what’s Khloe up to now?

#1 Khloe Is Doing Fine Now

012-1-khloe-is-doing-fine-now-849179After a traumatic couple of months of having a safety pin up her nose, Khloe is doing just fine now! She’s definitely learned that sticking things up your nose will result in a mysterious medical condition that can even baffle doctors! And her mom has learned to never be surprised if something falls out of her daughter’s nose.

There’s still so much we don’t know about the human body, and it seems as though every day we discover something new and interesting. Medical conditions baffle doctors, and we’re learning more about how our body works by the second.

But sometimes, our bodies are a lot simpler than that! What you might think to be an incurable disease may just end up being a tiny piece of metal up your nose!

Do you know anyone who has a crazy story like this? Or did you or your children stick objects up their nose as kids? Let us know and share with your friends to find out their weird medical stories!