Girl Puts BF On Blast For Cheating: Then He Drops A Huge Bomb

You’ve heard it all before. Girlfriend finds boyfriend cheating on her and then posts something scandalous on social media to out him. The post goes viral and he is abused online and universally humiliated, but what if we told you this story has a twist? In this story, the boyfriend flips the script and drops a huge bombshell.

To find out what that is, you’ll have to keep reading.

8. The Girlfriend Started With An Angry Post

She started off by publishing an angry post featuring a photo of her boyfriend getting close with someone else. She accused the boyfriend of waiting until she was at work before he called his side chick over for some action. In the post, she hurled insults at him and his new girl.

Think this is scandalous? It’s only just the beginning. Click through to see how her boyfriend retaliated.

7. She Even Had Supportive Friends

Immediately after she posted her rant, the friends were supportive of her heartache. One friend said, “WOW. OMG Patty is this really happening?’ while her other friend seemed just as shocked about the situation saying, “STFU Girl!?!” Both comments from her friends received a ton of likes.

But then a big bomb dropped. Click next to find out how this situation blew up in the girlfriend’s face.

6. Patricia’s Boyfriend Peter Saw The Post And Wasn’t Too Happy

Patricia’s boyfriend Peter saw the post and went off on her in front of all of her friends, flipping things around in a big way. He started off by saying that she wasn’t going to get away with this. After calling her friends rachet, he accused her of having sex with his best friend Rob.

But it gets worse as the revelations keep coming. Click the next slide to see what else Peter unveils.

5. He Unleashed A Huge Bomb

He went on to say that Patricia wasn’t telling the whole story. Not only did she cheat on him, but Peter tried to dump her a few times. So why didn’t Peter dump Patricia right away?

Keep on reading to find out why his attempt to dump her didn’t work out.

4. Patricia Begged Him To Stay After She Cheated

As it turns out, Patricia begged Peter not to leave her after he found out she was cheating on him. The reason behind her begging was because she “couldn’t afford” to live on her own.

That’s not all! Peter goes on to reveal another huge shocker about their relationship.

3. She Cheated On Him More Than Once

Peter provided his girlfriend with a home and she still did him dirty. Patricia’s boyfriend revealed that she cheated on him more than once. Another time was to hold down a job “Why don’t you tell them that you got the job you have cuz [sic] you let your fat ass boss see your t—. And then lied to me about it when I found out.”

Peter really drops the hammer on her next.

2. Peter Has The Ultimate Clap Back

After outing her as a serial cheater, Peter revealed that he is seeing someone else but he’s not cheating on her because he only sees Patricia as roommate. “You are no longer [my] partner, you are just my roommate. I do not love you. I do not want to live with you.”

And for the grand finale, he really lets her have it.

1. Who’s The Cheater Now?

Peter ends this epic bomb-dropping experience with this signoff. “I’m not sure what you’re still doing here. Oh wait, I do. You can’t afford the rent here alone and you can’t afford to move out. Girl, you are 26 freaking years old, get your shit together cuz [sic] no one got time to babysit your broke ass.”

Well, damn!

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